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  1. I hate it. And I was a HUGE Ren& Stimpy fan in high school. But it looks cheap sad and lazy to me compared to other Disney animation, and I can't stand the grossification. Like there's one where Donald has a huge wart/swollen bump on his foot, and it's just pointlessly disgusting as the whole point of the episode. It was dumb.

  2. We drove both a Minivan (when the kids were babies) and an Armada SUV (in their teens). Both with Captains Seats... the minivan was nice for exactly what you said, the ability to walk to the back while a car seat was installed in each seat. The Armada actually had a center console between the two, and we called it "The Peacemaker." All in all, I, and my girls, loved the separation and they loved the ownership of "their seat."

  3. Probably my favorite that fits your description is Grieg's Solvieg's Song from the Peer Gynt Suite No. 2

  4. Proudly wearing my Gwinnett sticker too! I got it back when I early voted and saved it to wear today!

  5. I didn't like the addition of Hayden at all... UNTIL I watched Star Wars in the Machete order (IV, V, II, III, VI). This is how I introduced Star Wars to my kids. After watching it that way, having Hayden's Anikin show up didn't bother me so much and it honestly united the trilogies for my kids better. I think I'll always prefer Sebastian Shaw, but I don't have the visceral distain when I see Hayden there anymore.

  6. My girlfriend and I were driving to the airport last weekend and we saw a runaway tire get knocked about 30ft in the air and start bouncing all over the highway. We luckily saw it pretty far down the road and were able to slow a bit and navigate around it safely... but it was kind scary when you think how heavy it is and hoe much it was out of control!

  7. If forced to use LEDs... then White (SOFT white only). My preference is colored incandescents ALWAYS!

  8. My 1060 3Gig is a MF'n TANK! this thing is 6 years old. Has had a broken onboard cooling fan for 5 of them (yes, i have the side panel off with a USB fan blowing on it), and it just keeps doing its thing. I don't play anything that intense which is why it prob doesn't bother me so much... but at this point I just want to see how long I can stretch it.

  9. Me personally, I stick with Rum, Vodka, and Gin with little to no concern... beer I have to be carful with and usually limit my self to 1 or 2 max.

  10. Every time I see the Arcann and Thexan story, I can't help but think that this basically shows Valkorion developing the foundation of the Emperor's Guards from the story of his own sons. Candidates trained to fight alongside a friend, each treated like a brother, as close as two could be, never celebrated, never praised... and then forced to fight to the death, with the winner finally receiving the Emperor's attention and becoming a member of the Guard.

  11. I see you can't explain what about the laws inconvenience anyone. So it's basically a case of your overlords telling you this is bad for you and you just going along with it. That's just 😔

  12. Just confirming that reason you're staying up at night is not anxiety about taking your Allo right? Allo is not a fast acting drug. You don't take Allo to prevent a flare THAT day... you take Allo over an extended period of time and it makes gradual changes that provide benefits long term. There is no reason at all to worry whether it's working. The only way you confirm it's working, is via blood tests, which you should be getting every 2 months or so when you start, and eventually every 6 months to a year, after you've been on it a while. My rheumatologist told me to take doses of 400 and under all at the same time, but 500mg and up split into 2 doses. But best to do what your own doc wants you to do.

  13. Been following on TikTok for awhile now... great to see you here! Looks great as always!

  14. There are some people who are just like this. There's a guy in my guild who has over the top insane luck with mounts. Makes a lot of us salty!

  15. During your 21 years on allo. Did your body get use to the dosage of allo and you had to increase the dosage over time? (Not talking about the first few years adjusting the dosage)

  16. I have increased over the years... At age 26 I started at 100mg like most, and after 2 or so months increased to 200mg. I stayed there for easily over a decade... once I hit my mid 30's I had to go up to 300mg, and after about 5 years of that 400mg. Once I hit 45, my rheumatologist wanted me to go to 500mg, but I asked if I could just go to 600mg, because Insurance was killing me having to get 2 scripts, one for the 300mg pills and another for the 100mg pills so I could mix and match to get to 400. I just asked to get double the 300's and take 2, and she said sure. So here I sit at age 47, taking 600mg/day. Blood work every 6 months to a year, just to make sure everything is in check and Kidneys are still good. I've had absolutely no issues in all these years.

  17. I stress flare especially when planning travel. As high as a 50/50 chance. I always take prednisone when I travel now. It's just part of my gout survival kit I keep refilled.

  18. "Alone it's just a journey... now, adventures... they must be shared..."

  19. OMG! I remember Shoutcasting Christmas tunes back in the early 2000's! This is awesome! Honestly didn't know this was still a thing people did.

  20. Not going to bother with the should or should nots... I'll just answer your questions.

  21. I haven't had a full blown attack in years, but yeah, I have hyperuricemia worse than others. Fortunately, I know my odd triggers from decades of experience. I stress flare, most often when traveling... and alcohol, big time... both of those I had this past weekend, but I prepped ahead of time and it was a non-issue. I don't travel often, and I don't really drink outside of these situations. Started Allo at 200mg in my 20's, as the years have gone by it's taken higher doses to keep my UA low... 600 is where I am now in my late 40's.

  22. Somehow, I just can’t get sick of All I Want for Christmas is You.

  23. I enjoy those poppy ones as well! I will also say If you haven't heard Ingrid Michaelson's version... Give it a listen... it's breathtaking.

  24. Nothing ruins my Christmas mood more that hearing those terrible out of tune children assault my eardrums with "Christmas time is heeeeeeerereeeee!" I'd be extatic to never hear anything by the Vince Guaraldi Trio ever again, and the Peanuts Theme Song is NOT a Christmas song.

  25. Legion zoo build was the last time I really felt like a Master of Beasts: 2 pets of our choosing, a Murder of Crows, 5 dire beasts (with the right procs, and glyphed to actually be YOUR pets from YOUR stable), and Stampede if you were so inclined. It felt so good... class fantasy at it's best.

  26. I agree, I loved running around with my two seagulls :/

  27. I was partial to, what I called, my "Boom-Squirrels" (mechanicals)

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