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what was ruined by rich people?

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  1. That Unfathomable horror from beyond the stars got me actin’ Irrational

  2. This sprawling subreddit, a mecca of madness and morbidity. Your work begins...

  3. Bottom bun should be less rounded and more cylindrical. Top bun should be a little bit puffier. The contents are pretty flat, and all of them are round. maybe add some square cheese and use a lattice to make it look melted. Lettuce could also be greater, and you could use something like a cloud displacement texture to give it a crinkly look

  4. It is a 49 card eternal format where your only allowed to play with cat girl alt arts

  5. I feel like rebecceist should be pronounced ru-bee-shee-ist instead of ru-bek-ee-ist. Anyone agree?

  6. Creatures with defender can attack as though they have defender.

  7. I unexpectedly got the day off and just want to play after getting the game again 😭... I literally played ONE land and the servers went down...

  8. Hey, on the bright side the store is still up, so now you can play the real game without the distraction of matches!

  9. Everything I said were joking except Bind is my fav map

  10. I have no respect for your opinion. The only map I think is worse than bind is fracture. Bind is aesthetically the worst map, but gameplay wise is the second worse.

  11. The hot wheels acceleracers movie di-trilogy, sadly discountinued

  12. just instalock so it's their fault if it's a bad team comp lol

  13. Just had this happen in a silver lobby. Instalock jett, Reyna, raze and phoenix.

  14. Ummm, uhhhhhhhhh.... Let me see.... Mmm, uhhhh well? You see... Uhhhhh, ummm, it's well, let's see. Hmmm, that's a tough question, you know? Maybe...hmmm well uhhhhhh... Uhhhhh well....? Head gets blown off

  15. It says COLA on the can you cold corndog

  16. Both you mfs got LEAN🟣πŸŸͺ🟣πŸŸͺ🟣πŸŸͺ🟣 in yo pfps

  17. If he has any prosthetics you might be able to get him back with karn. Or you might get the prosthetics back and your friend will be in exile and down a hip replacement.

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