What movie left you perplexed?

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  1. This is my favorite part of the show. I literally screamed at the beginning of this scene because you never see Azula lose it or be wrong. Ughhh I’m gonna go rewatch it. Such good writing

  2. Lol me and my man had this conversation before. We can always make another baby but nah save ME first

  3. Dam Internet You Scary is my favorite comedy podcast. Also check out All Def Digital on YouTube lots of funny content.

  4. I work as a housekeeper in a hospital. Covid was at its highest and I was putting on my ppe to clean the room. I unknowingly opened the door and the patient was dead with their mouth and eyes open looking directly at the door. I jumped so freakin hard and shut it. I can still see her face til this day. I am also still upset at the nurse that watched me get ready to enter that room lol.

  5. Wishing you luck on your journey!! It’s honestly hard when you get into it but once it becomes a routine it’ll be second nature. Just start with small changes every day i.e walking every other day, switching out a meal for something healthier, trying to go to bed earlier. Then gradually build on top of that. No need to rush (:

  6. I was a Starbucks barista. It takes 0 effort to do light ice. But I’d say ask for no ice in the drink and ice in a separate cup. Or just ask for it to be remade all together they can’t say no (well at least my store couldn’t). We were trained to make the “moment right”.

  7. Had a job that had a “point system” and would give you a point for every time I’d call out no matter the reason. I believe we could get only up to 6 points? Was on my last one so I just never went back. Those call center jobs I tell ya 👎

  8. Very very interesting. Spent like 30 minutes reading about it. Article attached if anyone is interested.

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