1. It’s a couple hours away from Portland but if you can make the trip, I highly recommend whale watching in Depoe Bay. There’s a tour there that’s led by a marine biologist and she uses really small boats that the whales will actually get very close to, I’ve gone a few times and it’s always really fun and you learn a lot about the animals and the region. It’s definitely worth the drive if you have time on your trip.

  2. Do you know the name of the marine biologist. Google shows several places around the whale watching center for tour companies. Is she part of one or independent?

  3. Look at the way the arrows you’ve drawn are going. If you drew a line through them, it wouldn’t show curve. It would show it being widest at the top and going in. With curve in this part of the line, the bust line is either even or further out than approximately where you’d normally have the sleeve and shoulder connect in a regular garment (no drop sleeve etc.). I’d say this is actually caused by the sweater not accommodating width. I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m seeing.

  4. Oh, that’s interesting, to be honest I hadn’t really considered width as a factor. The thing I always come back to is petite, as that tends to be the most obvious requirement for me in clothes, and I thought it was incompatible with width? Maybe I’m going about it all wrong though, lots to think about I guess. Thanks for taking the time to reply!

  5. This is just based on this very small portion of your body, but when you say “Petite,” are you talking about clothes being cut too wide for you and needing a more precise fit, or length? Width would be in relation to the whole line. But you can have Width and still be “petite” in the length sense.

  6. I think both? For example this sweater is a rare example of a seam actually sitting on my shoulder rather than midway down my upper arm. And a lot of tops give me a weird gap under the armpit, like there’s supposed to be more rib cage or breast to fill in the space. And then yeah lengthwise, everything needs to be scaled down, even though at 5’3” I’m not THAT short relative to the population. I haven’t grown since I was about 13.

  7. Wow this is just fantastic, the shapes, the color, the textures, all are spot on! If you wanted to dress it up a little (the vans are fun though) I think it would look excellent with a pair of dark patent leather oxfords.

  8. Yellow gold will harmonize so well with the yellow tones in the stone! I hope you’ll share photos of the finished product :)

  9. Looks like it belongs on a sorceress’ amulet, that is such a cool design and the color is perfect!

  10. Oooh such pretty pastels! The colors and cut remind me of wildflowers, it’s beautiful.

  11. Giving me Wuthering Heights vibes in the best way, I love it

  12. He teases me for “golluming” but its lighthearted and he’s just happy that I’m happy

  13. https://media.tenor.com/FCitJ5ak9CoAAAAC/gollum-my-precious.gif

  14. Jesus, can we not tear apart salt and pepper diamonds every time they show up on here? They’re clearly a popular choice. And it’s still a diamond, it’s not going to fall apart cause you washed your hands too vigorously.

  15. Seriously. If they were as hideous and fragile as this thread seems to suggest, they wouldn’t be as popular of a choice as they evidently are. I think I’ve said this here before, but at the end of the day, all gems are just shiny rocks whose “value” is based on how pretty we think they are and the relative ease or difficulty of getting them (and yes, of course, marketing). It’s so arbitrary.

  16. It looks like that because it is a very Janky stone.

  17. I think “janky” is maybe a little harsh? It’s heavily included, sure, but presumably if someone took the time to facet and set it into a ring (and it made it through those processes intact) it’s not of terrible quality. Not everybody’s cup of tea, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad or worthless, just different.

  18. Only thing more wholesome is paying said old man thousands of dollars so he can tell you definitively how you do or do not fit his specific definition of femininity and then dress you in some wild outfits that you get to buy 🙃

  19. Hell yeah, new setting is perfect for the stone!

  20. So pretty! The little garnet accents really make it special. Congratulations!!

  21. Ok I’ve been staring at the video for a solid 5 minutes now, trying to come up with an appropriate response to convey how utterly incredible this is. But I’m at a loss for words. Just wow.

  22. Oh my god that shirt is adorable! And the brooch!

  23. And I still remember that one Redditor replying with something like "and that is why he's marrying you because you're so tiny and special!" LOL 😆 🤣

  24. Literally dancing for joy right now, thank you!!!

  25. Try not to burn yourself when you exhale because now you're a draaaaagoooooon!!!

  26. I have the Java brown in my 2019 touring and it’s delightful. Pretty sure it’s the same one they’re using on the newer models, highly recommend.

  27. Yes it is, I’m looking for a different company if that’s available. Have heard mixed reviews on staghead designs

  28. Mine is from staghead, the ring itself is everything I wanted (and I fully intend to buy my partner’s band from them when we finally get around to actually getting married) but I’d say communication is not their strength. Feel free to dm me if you have questions.

  29. Cathedral for security and skip the halo imo, but they are all lovely!

  30. Oooh we’re almost ring twins (mine is a pear)!! Congratulations it’s beautiful!

  31. Also heliodor, but that’s not one you see too often in rings in my experience.

  32. My goth heart skipped a beat, that is a beautifully designed ring 🖤

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