1. I never stay two nights in a row anyplace I don’t pay for. I think that was your mistake. I’ve never had any issue with the one night and move rule. Think you need to add that to your protocol

  2. Yea I think so too. Never stayed more than 2 nights. Literally was only 2 vehicals there. Just wierd because they left us after and only checked on us.

  3. Private property bud. They have every right to kick you out. Also sounds like your rig is an extremely traditional camper van.

  4. Same my man same. The artist was like "I don't know why people like buicks" so i put on a yt video of one and by the end he was like "that's a sexy ass car" 🤣

  5. yup...heading up to the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt after riding the Skunk Train in Willits. Until then hangin' in Napa CA at the Panera/Target/Peets parking lot... 👌

  6. These are stunning! Are you available for hire? I design websites and could use custom graphics

  7. 95 chevy g30! I got a 5.7l but we'd have to drag race to see who's faster

  8. Hi, do you have an engine temp gauage? Record the start temp and other temp after driving and Google to see if it's hot. Check radiator fluid, too.

  9. If your tensioner has failed likely something else in the belt assembly is fudged too

  10. Dude this was spot on. Replaced the tensioner assembly and now she runs great. Thanks for taking the time to comment made a big difference for me

  11. Hey dog you might want to get some new sway bar bushings. That’ll help get rid of the “ca-CLUNK” every time you go over a bump.

  12. Dude, I've been wondering wth that was. It's only on that side too lmaooo. Thank you!!!

  13. I'm guessing that's some kind of redneck anti sag device. Maybe the previous owner always overloaded the car to the point that the suspension was always bottoming out. So he put those in there to prop up the spring

  14. Definitely haha. I bought the van from middle of nowhere Maryland. Nice guy, but after I got it I found staples replacing fuses and all sorts of redneck mods...

  15. It doesn't. Unless you have access to the DMV records where the tag is issued, you can't get any personal information just from searching a license tag number.

  16. I think it's ok, it's an old plate, not for that anyway. It's almost home tho! Building the bed now!

  17. What the hell have you done? Why on earth does it take over 2 minutes to load your website on mobile or desktop, I checked both. I would absolutely not hire you based on that alone. This website is extremely simple and could be written in plain old html/css/JavaScript

  18. Hi, snippetstack. Thanks for your feedback. While I was looking for feedback to improve my site and not someone to just shit on it, I'm glad you stopped by!

  19. Thanks, shnook. Appreciate all the great feedback, and I'm taking it to heart ❤️. Cool, if i drop you a comment later this week when the revisions are done?

  20. Sure man, I'm a little ahead of you with my own site but I'd love to have an accountability buddy. Dm me!

  21. Could it be a grounding issue? The van I bought has had someone else messing with the electrical. If I cut the black wire on the radio, splice it with a new one and then wrap it to a good ground, would it work?

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