1. Shook forward $1.15, so just a dollar and tax in my province. Just trying to start a chain, a dollar can still make someones day. Think was done on a walmart purchase, really just did it to hopefully make someone smile. Tag: ebonkers

  2. First, you're going to need a hardware wallet. Once you've moved your crypto, head straight to your deep freezer. If you don't have a deep freezer, move to Antartica. Take your hardware wallet and place it in a plastic bag(water proofing measure, read on) then place that in another plastic bag filled with water. Once your bag of water is frozen with hardware wallet inside you will have successfully achieved proper self custody and cold storage of your coins. Optional - Dig a 6ft hole and throw in the ice encased wallet. Bury it. Your wallet will be protected by the cold, dead hands of your ancestors.

  3. Self custody is important to me because I want to have complete control of my keys. I didn't realize until the FTX collapse that I perhaps put too much confidence in companies who despite their reputation may be doing shady things with user funds or losing them entirely! Best now to keep anything you aren't willing to lose in secure cold storage. Hope I win! Tag: ebonkers

  4. You guys bought me some McDonalds for $8.82 on August 20th! Thanks! You guys rock! Tag: ebonkers

  5. Badge showing card used for charity Tag: ebonkers

  6. A badge to show that you've orange pilled your friend into shakepay and bitcoin! Tag: ebonkers

  7. If watching a live stream, check to see if that event is sctually taking place right now. Also if there are ads all over the stream asking you to send money to an address DON'T DO IT! TAG: ebonkers

  8. Do not click on links unless you are 100% certain they come from a credible source Tag: ebonkers

  9. Definitely be aware of what is being asked of you. If a person says they require money and they'll pay u back x times more, don't send! U can kiss that goodbye Tag: ebonkers

  10. If I won this week's contest I'd probably buy my gf some polaroid film also! She loves pics but it's a barrier. Gotta spread the love πŸ’™ Tag: ebonkers

  11. If I win this week 100% taking my girlfriend on a date! We've been talking abt going somewhere nice and it'd make my day to be able to treat my love πŸ’™ Tag: ebonkers

  12. Let's get a leaderboard for most safety shakes per month going? Think I'm getting atleast 69 ;) Tag is ebonkers

  13. We need a leaderboard for best entry points per week. There could be one for both bitcoin and ethereum, showing who bought at the lowest price that week, and maybe show what the minimum listing price for each was that week too so we can compare to the best possible entry. My fellow shakers are still stacking right? Tag is @ebonkers

  14. Would love to see a leader board showing the most shakepay card uses per week. Surely I'm not the only one abusing store terminals by buying every item individually for the squad... Tag is ebonkers

  15. I'm proud to be a shaker because I'm earning BTC nearly every day with my shakepay card! I've stacked over $150 in sats and I'm not stopping!!!! Tag: ebonkers

  16. I am very proud to be a shaker because Shakepay is a Canadian company leading the way in crypto!!! You guys are an incredible company and I'm a proud canadian! Tag: ebonkers

  17. Streak of the week!!!! If your streak ends with the number between 1 and 99 u win!!! Ex if number is 69, anyone who guessed 69, 169,269, etc would win. Leave the contest open for maybe 2 days so people can guess twice

  18. Can we get a contest where users can talk about how they got into crypto, and the winners selected will get a crypto hardware wallet? Tag is ebonkers

  19. How about a contest that just asks what peoples favourite crypto is? It may not be offered by you guys, but just to show how diverse your userbase is Tag is @ebonkers

  20. I first got interested with Bitcoin in high school (2019-2020) but had no idea how to trade it. I heard class mates talking about it and how they were making money and I knew I had to learn about it. Still I didnt pay it much attention until covid hit. Online university was so boring and I had no work so I wanted to be able to grow my money, and I remembered when I'd overhear people talking about crypto. I began to research it for many months, watching videos about fundamentals, price analysis, and trying to determine whether this was all just a craze or if bitcoin truly had value. After pondering a long while I put in just 100 dollars in bitcoin in summer 2021. I saw the price rise, and saw there was so many more coins too that were blowing up. I would watch videos every day (and still do) and would practice my own price analysis. I am still slowly learning, and recently I started trading on small margins for the first time ever just to learn more about it. I also truly believe bitcoin is the greatest money the world has seen, and some day it will be dominant. I am so thankful for crypto, it has allowed me to be confident with money, learn about economics, and even after losing lots of money in ustc, I am still thankful. That is a fair cost to pay for all the lessons I have learned :) Tag: ebonkers

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