1. This is a great video to help people understand the power of biased or inclusive words.

  2. There are more righties than lefties, it's not rocket science. Its easier to find them. You want someone to orient an enterprise towards the worse accesibile resource, instead of the easiest, Are you concerned about taller vs shorter people? Are scientists constantly worried about getting taller, attractive people to research on? Stop reaching.

  3. It's not rocket science, it's brain science. Right handed people do not have the same brain structure, so we wont get the same info, and sometimes the correct way of doing things is more difficult, otherwise life would be easy =) Your reasoning is the same reason many minorities and woman are left out of studies.

  4. There are so many myths about being left handed. Being left-handed means you learn to adapt to a a right handed dominant world. I use my left hand as my dominant hand. There certain tasks I do right handed. I have nevet had any adverse effects

  5. Even when not adverse, I think it just slows us down to have to adapt, we could be faster if things were set up our way. Its the benefit of right-handed privilege in the world. hehe

  6. Yeah i dont say that using both means that you are going to be bad academicly, just that it can be a disadvantage.

  7. Leftys are twice as likely to be geniuses too. Right handers have a .75% chance to be a genius and leftys have a 2.5% chance to be a genius. The studies on psychosis etc are heavily impacted by the generations that forced right-handedness on leftys (boomers and all previous) If for some reason you are forced to go the opposite of your brain structure and do things opposite, it can be mentally stressful and traumatizing depending on how much you are forced and how lefty/ambi you are. I posted a video above that might be helpful for you as well. Love to see an update from you on what you decide, etc.

  8. I'm left-handed and I do my circles counterclockwise, always

  9. We've been living in a world designed for right-handers for too long, so we know a thing or two about navigating through biases and making things work our way.

  10. I once joined a mediaeval reenactment group. First fighting practice the instructor pointed to a pile. "Grab a sword and board from the pile."

  11. He might have threw a few more insults at you if he was really in character. j/k =)

  12. I came here to say Mel Gibson or the Rock, but decided Steven Seagal is the one

  13. aren't keyboards basically already "left handed"? like from what I've heard, the setup of qwerty keyboards just so happens to be more convenient for lefties, not on purpose but supposedly it is!

  14. Its not about the letters, its about the num lock and arrows etc on less ideal side, which we grew up on, but many lefties turn the keyboard to use numpad.

  15. Actually, Dvorak is better optimized for the right hand. It may depend on the language, of course, but the statistically more used letters are laid on the right side of the keyboard. It was created for more effective writing specifically. But, if you use predominantly your left hand or you write on the keyboard with both of your hands equally (for the later, Qwerty is the way to go), your writing won't be so effective anymore. When I think about right handed keyboard, Dvorak is the first thing that comes to mind.

  16. And sorry for your wrist. I have some similar injury to my left arm that makes me do some strength things right handed, but the reality is we all just got trained to have the number pad on the wrong side and many people here would’ve been more efficient at their jobs if they would’ve had it on the left side.

  17. Neither, The keys getting stuck is said to be an old wives tale, they had telegraph operators as some of the main testors when Qwerty (not left handed) was designed and thats what felt natural to them.

  18. Yeah but what I’m saying is that it’s very close to all my other videos

  19. I did - it was removed :) 28% of gifted people indicated left handed

  20. Sure, they don’t. They don’t have to. But an employee’s job satisfaction has direct bearing on productivity. It is here where giving a duck could positively impact them.

  21. Oh I agree with you 100. When I ran a call center, we brought in counselors for all shifts and offered additional if people wanted it.

  22. Companies also tend to have life insurance policies on each employee also so they can minimize their losses.

  23. Very similar story, I have been laid off twice in past year, it was one year to the day and I felt it coming. I am a mess and dont know what to do. Severance runs out soon.

  24. Well I was 16 when I was first reading them. 😁

  25. The Hobbit was a children's book. Then Tolkien rewrote the part about how Bilbo got the ring so it could become the intro to LotR.

  26. Just feel the style is for teen readers all the way through the books.

  27. Background play has always been a Premium only feature. It continues to play with screen off or with the YouTube app closed and other apps open.

  28. I know of them, sadly they have two open gaming times and both are not great fits (damn you decent paying full time job wanting me at work during the day) they strongly suggest the discord to help find local games.... I don't really do discord (as in I don't want to admit I'm not up on the new tech but I just am not up on the new tech)

  29. Can I disable ChatGPT from starting every message I ask it to compose with, "I hope this message finds you well...." Who the hell talks like that in an email?

  30. I bet there is! if not it is only a matter of time. I know about AI that creates avatars that look like real humans and you can give them a script and they will talk in many voices. maybe even if you were to sample your interviewees' voice and put it into a voice cloning AI

  31. It’s hard to know what to do with an answer that could either be true or not though.

  32. Right OP isn’t realizing that everything in that could just be some made up shit said with a smile on

  33. Honestly, I just don’t believe anything ChatGPT says anymore almost everything that it will spit out has factual issues. Even if you ask it 10 times you can go Google it and it’s just simply wrong so be very very careful especially with medical stuff.

  34. We need a new government. A new world order. For real but serious.

  35. I read very very fast and love wheel of time, but I understand how you feel, to me Tolkien writes for 8th graders.

  36. Does being born left handed and forced to right count?

  37. That’s what I meant. A large proportion of “righties” are actually “lefties”, who were forced to be righties. So right handedness is often a learned trait.

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