1. Oh, yeah I agree on the 3lb - I actually have a boogieman myself - great triggers. But actually shocked Timney pulls that low. I know they advertise 3lb. I personally do not own one of theirs. But the one that is shown here does not look like a Timney unless they have different shoes they offer?

  2. No it’s not it’s a kinetech or whatever however you spell it eBay special I had a few at one time I personally don’t like them had the safety spring come out on both of the ones I ran.

  3. KINETECH or however you spell it is an actual company outside of eBay. Their triggers are above eBay but I wouldn't call them performance either... But how the trigger looked just reminded me of that. All I know is Timney doesn't look like that unless they have different shoe options now.

  4. The more you know thanks. I’ll have to look into them more I know I wasn’t impressed with the product I received. And I don’t think timney has different style shoe options at this moment but they have so many products there’s no telling without digging around.

  5. True, lol. Guy I got it from built it pretty much how I would’ve. Only things I plan on changing/adding are night sights and a dot. For now, at least lol

  6. Go look at my 34 every piece but the frame is aftermarket

  7. Yeah, looks sweet, man. This is entirely aftermarket, from what I can see. Not sure what brand the compensator is but it’s a Silencerco barrel, Patmos slide, some offname fiber optic sight, P80 frame, aftermarket magazine release, Zev trigger, aftermarket steel guide rod, etc. I’m just gonna replace the sights with Trijicon nights and add an RMR eventually.

  8. Complete zev on Glock frame, besides barrel, mag well and mag release

  9. You’ll get so much hate for the red dot from literally anyone that hasn’t shot this. I have the same setup on a gen 3 check mine out. Even had that baseplate for awhile

  10. No this is the strike industries mass driver comp. It doesn’t need a threaded barrel.

  11. Neither does the ramjet+afterburner from radian weapons

  12. I had that comp it was absolutely trash couldn’t stand it always tried turning too

  13. Yeah idk man doesn’t seem like there was a lot of testing done. When I went out after getting mine on my oem recoil spring I saw great flat shooting out of 115,124, and 147. Though 124 seemed to shoot the flattest to me but can tune that recoil spring to whatever load you end up shooting to keep it flatter then the oem barrel could ever be.

  14. also don’t be an idiot like me and use a ported barrel before taking the anti reflection plate off

  15. I just don’t see why port it so close to the chamber I would have ported not almost the end but closer toward the front of that coffin cut.

  16. Looks like a rattle can job that wore mostly off but not entirely, followed by some truly Reservoir Dogs type shit done to it with a soldering iron.

  17. Which this frame is ass but not all hand stippling is garbage. I personally prefer hand stippling over laser. Laser isn’t nearly as deep or gives off a great feel. It wears down actually faster then most hand work (unless pattern is trash and collapses on itself by workers error). I see a lot of laser work that’s done piss pore, there was never any real modifications made to help with grip other then the texture it laid only on the sides sometimes not on the back or front strap. Undercuts, double undercuts, acceleration cuts are an absolute must they help way more then people believe them too. I’m not the best and I’m definitely not great but have seen some hand work that people take pride in and the price definitely shows but you won’t get the same product from a local shop throwing it on a laser for 100-200$

  18. I mean it’s alright lol jk I’ve always loved the polished and black setups. My original Glock was same way.

  19. Umm nearly any big name in frame work has completed just about any gen Glock with success. Now to do it yourself it’s going to take a lot of practice and you might think you got it right the first try but you’ll change it. Then you’ll be like me 6 glocks in all with there own unique style. If you attempt it yourself key is knowing the cuts of the frame like undercut, double undercut, enhanced finger groove, acceleration cuts, glove bevels. You don’t need all that but main is single and double undercut and acceleration cuts are key. Also recessing the boarders make the frame work look a lot cleaner then just burning up to a line you draw on the frame. Hit my dm up if you got any questions.

  20. I like the way the baseplate and mag well looks. Tarzan mag well I have is a gen 5 17 carry mag well great mag well works with his baseplate the oem plus 2, my zev and I believe my killer innovations one. The baseplates from tti are cool and all but you mostly pay for the name on the bottom I can buy almost the exact baseplate in a no name brand and they will look nearly identical all the specs would be nearly identical. If you use his baseplate I believe slr mag wells actually have the groove cut underneath for his baseplate post thing that usually gets in the way to some mag wells

  21. Price actually went up too. They have me a good military discount. Funny they don’t ship in California 😂

  22. That things gotta shoot flat and triggers probably amazing.

  23. I gotta at least get me an sti I’ve been wanting one but not wanting to drop that much rn

  24. Lol not sending you red hardware, he did you a favor bruv

  25. How is that a favor by bad business? I requested for a holster to be made and for it to have red hardware. I mean considering I paid over 105$ for it it should’ve been made to what I asked for and what he supposedly sold me. Also this shipping on the holster alone took 3 weeks so paid 105 ish for the holster plus like 10$ shipping it should’ve been at my house in less then a week because holsters don’t weigh shit.

  26. Sweet just don’t like the fact that the blackstrap section isn’t done as well and still didn’t get my red hardware also ghosted me about it.

  27. Don’t worry man I got a lot of hate for mine too still do especially in my local ranges until they shoot it. Mines seen somewhere around 5k-6k rounds without a malfunction couple times 1k-1.5k rounds without a clean or oil. Ten circle all day baby while they were down in another bay talking crap

  28. Chunk missing now the rail sections need to be cleaned up I recommend sanding it down with like 320 or 400. Then really polish it up with some 600-800. For the channel mine aren’t great either but they run

  29. So use a dremel and do it proper? I've been hand polishing it, it's quite smooth and polished but I'm wondering if a dremel will do the trick to do it correctly

  30. Dremel will do it correctly, that’s lots of other methods out there but for easiest fastest results, use dremel with a buffing wheel, then finish off with a polishing wheel there’s a few types but the basic one that normally comes in the kits are fine with fitz , don’t need an expensive high speed dremel either just the stylo will do. Or just a small handheld rotary tool. If you check my old post I had a fully polished Glock slide and parts I did myself.

  31. Are you sure it’s the barrel? Maybe the aftermarket slide your running? Maybe it’s the channel on the p80 maybe your slide lock spring is wrong and not flush with the frame snagging on the recoil spring

  32. But is it really a comparison without the Sti having a red dot and the Glock not having a radian weapons after burner or a decent comp. Either way both solid.

  33. Holy crap bro wtf. Screams this is my first Glock with the dovetail mount and full frame stippling besides the back and front strap. No undercut or acceleration cuts. Don’t worry you’ll get there one day takes time and practice. But otherwise I like that more people like the modifications on handguns now then before.

  34. So you can have an integrated comp in a shorter pistol.

  35. But does it still cycle. This only works on gen 5 btw I had done this to mine. Doesn’t seem like you took enough off but I could be wrong with yours. Mine runs flawlessly

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