1. My beer league mantra right here. The moment I'm earning money playing hockey I'll go with a visor, until then, cage for me.

  2. This is it. I actually do hockey stunts for tv/movie/commercials and the only time I take my cage off when I’m on the ice is when we’re shooting something

  3. With a massive bunch of investors as devoted as apes, they are completely fucked. In maximum two years time, the entire company will be owned by retail and insiders. I’m excited to see what happens. Until then, I’ll continue to buy, hodl and DRS.

  4. Not only investors, but customers as well. I never shopped at a GameStop until 2021. I'm not a big gamer, but I've spent over $1000 at my favorite company and left good reviews. Next step for me is to start playing games on the marketplace.

  5. I’ve yet to shop there. I’m not a gamer either. Came across the DD here in May 2021. I think this might be one of the most dangerous part of this equation… the normies (meaning not gamers or double u es bee crowd) have also begun to ingest the DD and spread the word.

  6. I wanted to cross post but (redacted)… the California dmv is going to start using nfts for titles. Adoption my boy. Adoption.

  7. I had no idea! I live in LA, can’t wait to have my car title as an NFT. So sweet!

  8. I saw some tweets than named 10 stocks that have been abused by naked shorting and GME was not one of them and I knew something was weird

  9. She’s had 2 full meals and a snack before noon; my god I miss my 20’s metabolism

  10. It’s entirely possible she was literally hired to make these videos just to FOMO bandwagon working for Google.

  11. I have no idea what most of this means but it’s very specific and cracking me up

  12. Idk about the rest of the world but I’ve been told by more than one tsa agent that I personally know who says dogs in airports aren’t searching for drugs they are searching for bombs

  13. I don’t watch much football and saw it on a tv recently and thought the same exact thing. I figured it out within a few seconds though

  14. Hello. I'm planning to upgrade the stereo of my 2010 insight. Could you kindly provide which model pioneer touch screen you put in for the car ? Thanks in advance

  15. Never in your wildest dreams will you believe what’s going to happen to your life in 5 years

  16. As someone who lives in a condo in the middle of Los Angeles: I am so incredibly jealous! You couldn’t buy a parking space here for 200k

  17. Thanks for affirming that for me :') Hitting my mid-30s and 32-35 have felt so bland compared to my mid-late 20s. It's a natural age for life to start feeling slower, but I can't deny how much Covid made 2020-21 absolutely suck.

  18. The more crazy thing is the Beatles. Still number 2 in best selling artist of all time while the world's population has doubled since the 1960s.

  19. This was my thought, how many more people are there now than back then. Thank you

  20. High art is laundering scheme for rich folks.

  21. I just wish it was my art they would over value and purchase to evade taxes

  22. Thank you so much, that is so kind of you to say so. Sadly no I don't work in the industry, if wish I did, unfortunately there's not much of a special effects industry in the UK 😔

  23. As someone who works as a sculptor in the movie biz, take it from me, you don’t want to be in this industry. Hours are awful and ultimately you’re just sculpting someone else’s vision. I get paid to make someone else’s art; I have to do my art in my time off.

  24. Thank you very much for your adive. I had a strong feeling this was the case for a long time. That's probably why I never really tried to push my way into the industry 😊👍🏻

  25. The other part is there’s really no where to go from here. I’m lucky bc I have other skills and I’ve begun to move away from it. But for many it’s a pair of golden handcuffs, money is too good, not going to get paid like that doing anything else and unless you start selling your own art, there’s nothing else to transition to. These skills don’t translate to any other industry with better hours. You can teach in university without an MBA bc of the amount of professional experience you have but it’s not a full time option.

  26. Makes sense, when people are out of their 20s how much they care about fashion falls precipitously.

  27. Was the opposite for me, I was too broke to buy anything nice in my twenties and I buy nicer and. Over things as I’ve gotten older. I’m looking really sharp now in my mid 40’s

  28. Maybe getting wined n dined by SBF 10 times in 14 months starting right after the GME sneeze helped him discover his profound likeness for FTX US application?

  29. Only Caroline Ellison knows this 🤓

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