1. Proctor is dumb, but more trailer parks on highway 20 is a good thing. They need some better bike infrastructure off 20 too, I have always seen more people bike commuting on 20 than in collegetown. Whatever the infrastructure is, it needs to be able to accommodate golf carts and four wheelers too.

  2. I’ve tried all of them and Solle’s is the best. They have two locations in Tally

  3. Agreed, Solle"s is very good pizza. We ask for extra toasty and get it. Also, the ingredients seem to be better quality than most.

  4. Can someone explain the toxicity? (Out of the loop)

  5. I laughed so hard at this while reading it to my husband. His reaction was a frown and shake of the head. 😆

  6. The Army reserve works one weekend a month and carries additional opportunities/benefits

  7. WTF is your mom’s excuse? I would distance myself greatly from these people if they see animal neglect as a tool.

  8. Agreed! There are multiple people in the wrong here.

  9. My husband reminds me all the time I can't sing in tune. It just makes me want to sing more lol (he's also a musician)

  10. Mushrooms, olives, bacon...I think I love you 😀

  11. I just heard an interview with a guy on NPR. The whole time you can hear scratching going on. He said with his ADHD, he has to draw/paint to stay engaged for interviews and projects. I had never heard of this but makes sense. Hopefully this new rule at your school doesn't hender a similar person.

  12. You expressed yourself well and I enjoyed reading it. Keep it up, it may be a "practice makes perfect" thing.

  13. I used to live there. I would try to see if anyone in the southwood area has carriage homes for rent. Some may be listed in apartments.com or if you join the southwood community page on fb you can ask if anyone has any for rent. Sometimes people have them listed for around 900 or so.

  14. Thanks for the info. I'll join the page, thanks!

  15. I'd try posting on the city sub or state sub.

  16. I have, and not really getting anywhere. It's quite frustrating

  17. Glad you received the reassurance you needed. Yes a man can change his daughter's diapers.

  18. Does anyone know where people post their available sublease? Maybe my need could help someone out.

  19. Have you tried to look on furnish finder? Maybe you can find something on there.

  20. Thank you, I had never heard of it. I will take a look!

  21. Don’t take Emu’s lightly. There was an Emu war against the Australians and the Emus won I am not kidding.

  22. Agreed! He should have started with "There's an emu"

  23. Her brother sounds like an amazing guy! Smart, loves and does on his sister's and necessary, big enough to whoop most of his uncles (lol) and has a strong moral center and willing to put himself on the line to help someone who he loves.

  24. Oh shit! Lol this really tickled me. Spicey is a good way to see it. Memories that kick your ass like a ghost pepper your whole body reacts and you brains going Oh Fuck

  25. "I'm Italian and I'm holding a heavey pan" lol I love it! Bet that dude had one he'll of an experience.

  26. My first thought is work your way through the Pacific Crest Trail or the Appalachian depending on where you are. Getting away from the city and mingling with trail people is refreshing.

  27. I'm gonna party like it's Orwell's 🎶 1984 🎶

  28. Yup that there's an over weight white guy redneck who's 28-42 I'd say Probably a buzz cut and 3 day beard

  29. I was waiting to see one where someone transposed the dog's eyes with OP's.

  30. Hahaha. That makes it funnier. When your Granny calls her pubic hair public hair, she might of had crabs ones lol

  31. I still laughed, again. I don't know if you do it on purpose but you make it sound funny to me lol

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