1. I put mine in a corner of the room behind me angled up at about 15 degrees from horizontal. This illuminates the entire living room. Not once have I had a tracking issue playing in a completely dark room after putting up the light since I'm a graveyard shift day sleeper who is up all night after everyone else is asleep and I don't like brightly lit rooms at home since I work under bright lights for decades.

  2. Updates: the game and steam/oculus do it automatically. It is the exact same process as PS VR 2 and PS5 system and games, zero differences

  3. Pretty much. I own both, play mostly Quest 2 since NMS is my game and I can run mods on PC.

  4. Bought a neck fan that had stellar reviews. Starts fogging, I move the headset away from my face for a tic, let the fan do it's thing, then back in. Usually only issue in the winter right after putting it on or if playing a game that makes you perspire. The neck fan is great for the 2nd application.

  5. But also you wouldn’t be able to hold a full grown human at arms length with one hand or stab through a skull with a rusty spoon.

  6. I was trying to get my backpack after I got mobbed, just getting there was hell since I had already scooped up or used any weapons on the way. I needed to kill one last walker before I got my backpack and I was almost dead again.

  7. I'm on oculus on a PC, I'll have to post my specs tomorrow. Im using air link.

  8. There's a mod that disables the pulse lines, that helps immensely and still works. Just search "pulse" on nexus, can't remember what it's called exactly but it also has the word "streamers" in it. Makes space way more playable in VR and takes a giant chunk of lag away.

  9. I always wear some kind of head covering in VR. In the summer a thin do rag or bandana, in the winter a beanie. Also keeps head/hair grease off the thing. Just adjust the thing until you get perfect sweet spot for your head type.

  10. Use some 3rd party like VorpX, if your PC is beefy you're playing whatever PC game in VR. With a controller.

  11. The ceo and shareholders will 100% do that. In the long term it won’t matter though because everyone will lose their jobs and profits will become useless and the desperate masses are going to try to take control over productive forces for survival and at that point the people who ‘own’ everything won’t have a reason to stop that from happening

  12. Yeah I truly enjoy these discussions I see here about this where people don't have a clue that the general public isn't just going to sit back and do literally nothing while the entire world crumbles around them in their hypothetical hot take.

  13. Like as not, if you have a problem, the entire basement will be full of dirt, from corner to corner. Not a "little", all.

  14. Yeah unfortunately. One thing I was hoping for from years ago never showed up, just the ability to set an area on a planet that won't regen. Had all the grand ideas about underground cities and mountain bunker bases that can never be realized all this time later.

  15. I'm a third into the game and I still panic reload or panic dry fire lol and I own real life guns. I do manage to get guns fully reloaded after each encounter. Also I never holster the weapon I just drop it and grab the next.

  16. PSVR 2 has taught me one thing, if there ever were some kind of outbreak, I'd be dead meat on day 1. Not too shabby with guns IRL, shooting since I was a wee lad myself.

  17. agreed. only wish there were a larger library of songs to play :*(

  18. We went out and bought the Quest 2 with that same thought after buying Synth Riders on PSVR 2 day 1. There's like 3k custom songs people have made for that version. The ones I've tried so far are all as high quality as the official songs.

  19. It wasn't most disappointing for me. I hadn't played it before and have 60 hours in it so far PSVR2.

  20. Playing NMS in VR on this setup combat is much easier than it ever used to be. You can use the shield with your left hand and fire away with your right with accuracy and precision. Aiming in this game on this system is truly on point, as much so as any other game I've played that focus around gunplay. With no auto aim assist feature even.

  21. If you aren't looking for it, you won't realize it's AI. The art isn't the product here so it doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be good enough. This has to be even cheaper and easier than using stock photos.

  22. That's a valid point. We don't see ads like the old days while flipping through a magazine at our leisure, taking the time to stop and look at it because we've got fuck all else to do. We get these things presented to us fast, in a scrolling fashion or something that is on our screen for a second then gone. Youtube ads for example, the ones I saw when I wasn't on my paid account were just a couple seconds long.

  23. You can play these in VR using VorpX on PC using all of the standard PCVR headsets right now already if you have a capable PC. I urge the OP to check it out if that's their desire. You can play Far Cry games in VR, full VR, for awhile now.

  24. My wife chucked one into the hardwood floor pretty hard when playing Synth Riders drunk on St. Patrick's day. No noticeable damage to speak of. Just she has to wear the wristbands from now on when she has a go as I feel we kind of got lucky there, hit the ground after flying about 5 feet through the air pretty fast. For sure thought it was going to be busted but in the end all is well.

  25. Haven’t been on the sub in a long time. Feels good to be back.

  26. Is this game that scary? Like, is it just a zombie action shooter or does it do horror too?

  27. It's got a creepy vibe about it for sure, at least I was feeling the tension and wanting to stay crouched and quiet until all out murder and mayhem starts. The atmosphere delivers as far as I'm concerned.

  28. Dude, that's REAL immersion! Keeping a family alive during the zombie apocalypse. "Daddy, I'm thirsty!" "Daddy, let's play hide and seek!"

  29. It's pretty immersion breaking that there are no actual kids with you in the game though...if there were, for immersion's sake, we'd also need the option to kick one in the knee to make a clean getaway if the zombies are overwhelming you...let's face it, the kid is dead without you anyway, and if you survive you can help continue the human race should the apocalypse ever end, by creating more kids...win-win

  30. Looks really good, crispest game I've played yet on psvr2. This ain't ene for the psvr2 version I suspect, but when games have collision detection for the hands and other stuff it adds a lot of immersion for me

  31. The collision detection for the hands is totally most welcome, I was standing around mashing my hands on stuff like "this is too cool more games need this!"

  32. Mini games including football, soccer, goalkeeper (soccer I’m assuming), basketball, and reaction training.

  33. Does sound interesting, Headmaster for PSVR was such an addictive game. Hopefully they take notes from that experience and make their bigger game better all around. I'll keep my eye on this one for sure, everyone here loved Headmaster. (For those that didn't play it you just use your head to hit soccer balls long and short of it).

  34. First thing that comes to mind is art by Moebius. As far as the coloration goes, simple cel shaded with loose outlines.

  35. Ultima IX was a pig to run. Just unplayable at launch. Had a Voodoo 2 ready to go, paid a grip for it with my first real job, was like a month's rent at the time for me. Remember having to wait for an issue of PC Gamer magazine or some magazine like that to come out with a disc attached with a patch for the game since the internet wasn't really guaranteed to be something anyone commonly had access to at home.

  36. it's very finicky. And I'm thinking it's the shape of my eyes that are the problem here. I'll have to try the clockwise thing next time I put on the headset.

  37. Maybe get in the habit of wearing a beanie too, you can slide and adjust that or scrunch up one part of it somewhere before tightening to give something extra to the process to fine tune it. I 100% of the time always wear some kind of head covering in VR, for a few reasons but this is a tip that can help get you adjusted. If your head doesn't work out of the box just right, add some other stuff to it to compensate and maybe it will help.

  38. Yeah nothing like VR. Been craving more since the first time I tried it with PSVR's first foray and still here amazed by it and wished it was just more...widespread and accepted as a norm for gaming since it's just so much more to me to be "in" the game this way.

  39. Goddamnit, now I’m seriously considering buying this. How many of these special “experiences” are there and how much are they? Are they included in music packs or can they be bought separately?

  40. Oh sweet, love it when the best just gets better! I'm doing about an hour a day in this game, looking forward to foveated rendering come to think of it. There is some headset slippage for me and you don't really have time to adjust without breaking your combo so being able to alleviate some of the "I don't really see all the stuff perfectly right now but I'm still gonna keep going" feeling is most welcome to hear about. It's the little things.

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