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  1. So,,,,, are you saying that the 4E art wasn't very good, or was the tabaxi not playable in 4E?

  2. Yeah, they weren’t included as playable for 4e. I’m sure plenty of people homebrewed them in with adapted stats, but officially they weren’t included.

  3. Were they canonically naked in 2E? I should play that...

  4. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  5. 3e is good art... But something about the blue background always looked like the Rakshasa was underwater.

  6. Yeah. The whole image is kind of muddy and misses out on actually showing the creature

  7. Love your posts, among the best D&D memes. Out of curiosity, have you considered throwing art from PF 1&2E into the mix as well? The variance can be wild sometimes.

  8. I hadn’t considered that, but may take a look. I’m not as familiar with the Pathfinder art

  9. Have people post pictures of their favorite mustard. The winner can be whichever one you agree with, or just be random selection.

  10. You’re not fooling anyone. That is clearly two nebelungs in a long-haired trench coat.

  11. What more do you need as a baseball fan than a Mantle card and signed ball? That’s it!

  12. My dad had a friend who worked the kitchen in the Atlantic City casino Mantle did signings. The ball has a thumb stain on it because it probably got signed when Mantle was eating and then went out the side door at the end of shift

  13. Maybe 'elon' should be a verb, like: The company elonned (translation: purchased by an idiot and then rapidly tanked)

  14. Not necessarily the “oddest times.” More like “whenever I sit down for more than half a second.”

  15. 5e image matches the description best imo. Someone needs to feed the description into an AI and see what it spits out.

  16. I actually agree. Honestly my main issue with the 5e design is the color scheme. The reds make it look a little washed out. I think it needed some more dynamic contrast because it truly does look monstrous

  17. Most of them are fine in their own way and usable but what the fuck is 2E lich. Are liches just basically low level zombies in 2E or is it that bad?

  18. It’s just that bad. I can’t get over how much the 2e lich looks like a basic zombie underling for the BBEG.

  19. Don't you dare speak ill of Szass Tam's fashion sense, you heathen.

  20. I remember when Ye Westfarthing had that interview with the Mouth of Sauron and said “I see some good things about Melkor.”

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