1. Man, those are all gorgeous! I love that a ‘57 is on there. They don’t pop like most of the other years, but there’s something about the big image that’s kind of pure and no-frills

  2. This is the first Frank Robinson card I’ve seen posted in this sub. That’s my favorite of your set here.

  3. “I’ve never trusted Klingons…and I never will. I could never forgive them after seeing what two of them did with that cup.”

  4. Like others have said, it looks like the regular Topps traded. The 1989 traded are tough to tell apart from Tiffany but I think the Tiffany are glossier. If the front of the slab doesn’t specify “Tiffany” it’s safe to assume it isn’t as well. They wouldn’t have missed the chance to label it as such if it was

  5. Apparently 1957 was Frank’s career high for home runs at 15. His wiki mentions that he had only one grand slam, in 1965, which was his second-to-last year playing, and he hit it off Sandy Koufax.

  6. It should probably be noted that, according to TNG’s The Wounded, O’Brien absolutely can, and does, cook. That said, it’s not clear how often he goes all out like that, so the point still stands.

  7. Not going to lie, I absolutely smell my cards as well. Nostalgia and old books!

  8. This is an excellent card. Its on my wish list. Such a simple but clean look to it. Frank is a legend

  9. Thanks! I was shocked when I saw it flying under the radar. The same seller had a 1960 Kaat rookie, but that one got snapped up ahead of his induction. This one kept a low profile so I got it, the Mays/Ashburn, as well as a ‘54 and a ‘56 white back.

  10. Oh, a binder of McGwire, Sosa, AND Canseco? That’s a collection that has aged interestingly!

  11. The options I like are, in-universe, he is the personification of the music of creation whereas the Ungoliant was the personification of the discord of Melkor.

  12. I have the Jim O'toole/ Vada Pinson card as well! Very nice!!!

  13. Thanks! The condition on this one was much better than I initially thought. I mean, it’s off center and miscut on the back, but that’s vintage for you. The corners are actually decent.

  14. Thanks! I was pretty shocked I ended up winning that one. Thought for sure I’d end up outbid

  15. Just a couple of Hall of Famers hanging out. This was the card I ended up sniping with 30 seconds on the clock.

  16. I would absolutely love to build a set of 1956 Topps in this condition. Just having them together and knowing that they were well-loved and often traded by kids who had no care for possible future value, just love of the game and players, would be a great collection to have!

  17. That’s part of what really draws me in as well, in addition to falling down Wikipedia rabbit holes about these different players, especially the ones who aren’t well known. The history of the cards and the character they have because some kid loved the card and kept it in their pocket, or kids kept trading it back and forth. It’s just so cool.

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