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  1. “close-up portrait, Anthromorphic evil pumpkin scarecrow bounty hunter, sunset fire lighting, intricately detailed armor, Hyperdetailed, dramatic lighting, Jean-baptiste monge, HDr, 8k octane, Unreal engine, beautiful lighting, portrait, tony diterlizzi,”

  2. Many, I just loved the style and don’t have midjourney.

  3. “Creation of the universe” dramatic lighting, intricate details, natural lighting”

  4. That first one is now my lock screen. ❤️💜

  5. And that's how you blow through a subscription in a day on fast mode

  6. Obviously OP doesn't know how old batteries worked.

  7. Hmm maybe not to sour artists but I mean the upvotes says it’s interesting🤷

  8. What ai is this? The only one im away of is “doll e 2 “ which can make some cool things but usually it disappoints, also is it free?

  9. Midjourney, and Uh no not free except for the first 250 images I think

  10. I don't know why. But I really want to see this prompt as an avocado...

  11. Thanks! Here’s my insta if you want to see midjourney animal portrait! @ai_midjourney_art

  12. Sure! Don’t quite remember but I think. It was something like “anthropomorphic evil pumpkin bounty hunter fighting, rag clothing, orange glow, cinematic lighting, intricately detailed garb, octane render, unreal engine, by Artstation,”

  13. Thanks! I will be posting them on my instagram in the next couple days @ai_midjourney_art

  14. You entering this in the #aiartdailytheme on instagram? @ai_art_community puts it on and today the theme is skull

  15. Here I am still struggling with getting a full body picture that looks good XD

  16. I think it was something like: “spit screen, above the water is Times Square nyc, below the water is a huge megalodon shark. Over under photography, light rays,”

  17. I got cat woman working on prompt that had “dead man’s party by oingo boingo “

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