1. And it's terrible that people only judge and alienate u for being honest. They believe it is normal to project their own ideals and opinions into someone else's life which in itself is extremely weird. It is human nature to seek companionship. With companionship comes emotions.

  2. Well most people I talk to about my problems (like family) are not trying to judge me or anything…but rather they get stressed or disappointed when I am honest with them about how bad I sometimes feel.

  3. Your existence means something because your kindness has a ripple effect. Your life is meaningful because you will influence others you may not even know just by showing up everyday and being a good person. The world needs way more people like that than judgmental Christians trying to convert people so they can be manipulated. Religion takes away a persons choices and self esteem via shaming people for simply being who they are, whereas kindness and compassion strengthen autonomy, self awareness, and promote healing. The point is, you seem like a lovely human and I bet you’ve already made an unforgettable impact on the world without knowing it. For example, I have depression and mental health issues as well, and your post made me feel less alone. I think that means something. Your existence doesn’t even have to have to some crazy purpose. I think the experience of existence itself IS the purpose. We have this idea in our culture that only people who do really big things and are basically famous have a ‘purpose’, and then there’s religion for everyone else. This is so skewed, and if it were true then why do the other 98% of us even exist? Your life has value beyond your productivity. Religion teaches us to have this purpose beyond ourselves, but spirituality teaches that the purpose is within us. What do you like? What do you want? What are you interested in? Religion takes away our ability to know ourselves. Now you get to ask these questions without guilt or shame. You can start coming home to yourself. I’m certainly glad you exist. You deserve to take up space. You deserve to rest and do things you really love not out of obligation, but just because you want to. The whole world is yours now. You’ve been in a mental cage, my friend. Freedom is always overwhelming at first. Give yourself time and be good to yourself. It’s okay to grieve and take things slow. You’re gonna be okay. ♥️

  4. I think you are taking my words and expanding them into unrealistic levels to the point if absurdity. Im not arguing that you or anyone else should go knocking on every victim’s family’s doors with food due to a tragedy. If you want to make examples, I’d prefer them being a little more realistic.

  5. The absurdity is the point. You yourself are admitting that grieving for anyone and everyone is unrealistic. You admit that there's no solid measure for how long one must grieve for it to be "okay to be happy". People grieve differently, and each loss is unique in its own way.

  6. Yes I have, and I expect some people to have similar experiences as me. But I also have talked to people like my mom, who gave me the heaven analogy and is no longer thinking about the person that I often think about who died tragically. I don’t think my mom is a bad person, she actually is one of the best, but she’s experienced a lot of tragedy in life, and has grown numb to some of it in order to continue living her life, compartmentalizing the pain

  7. I too had nightmares every night for about 1 year straight. I now find it wierd that I never saw the having the nightmare as the issue but rather the lack of sleep as an issue. I never asked for help. I highly recomend talking about what you dream about. Having someone to comfort you and help work through these feelings. Now here's the thing most people don't like. If someone came to you with something terrible, how well could you comfort them? Most people are terrible helping to talk people through complicated or emotional issues. That's why I recomend seeing a professional. Therapists are there to talk things through, and they litterally get paid to do this! They are worth it!

  8. Personally, I’ve never had good experiences with therapists. They just don’t provide much help to different types of problems I have, but I’m glad you have improved and no longer have such persisting nightmares

  9. The things you were told are pretty silly.

  10. I don’t understand.. are you saying is equally the same thing biblically? Or are you criticizing what I said, because they are not?

  11. My bad, I don’t know how to do the not equals sign, ! means not in this case. I just mean that soon to be married is not the same as married.

  12. I’ve also passed by the piss jugs, can confirm they have been growing

  13. LOL, no I promise, this is really something that is happening on the side of the road

  14. You want a day to remember all tragedies in US history? There are thousands of them, and you want people to think about this litany of horror and misery for 24 hours?

  15. I’m not implying that each individual thinks about every bad event and tragedy that has happened in recent history on this day, but maybe we each take time to reflect on those things that have deeply effects us and yet we choose to ignore emotionally engaging in it because of a list of reasons people will tell you ( ex. Im too busy with work to take time to think about all of this. When do I have time to mourn things?) I know for me It takes me time to engage my emotions and I often can’t grieve something right away which makes it a longer process. I’m guessing other people are that way.

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