1. Peter Hammill- Vocals (VDGG), Bill Bruford - drums (King Crimson/early Yes), Keith Emerson- Keyboards (ELP), Alex Lifeson- Guitar (Rush), Mike Rutherford- Bass (Genesis)

  2. Probably not as "angry" as what some people know, but "Earth Day" by Devin Townsend kinda fits the bill for me.

  3. I was 17, riding shotgun with my dad driving, putting on all the old classic rock songs on the van stereo. Stairway to Heaven came on. My dad starts going off on some rant about how everyone treats this as the best rock song ever when there's way better stuff. I argue that everyone has their own opinion, but at the end of the day STH is a very good song. Queue my dad insisting I put on 2112 next. Mind = blown.

  4. Came here to post this, it's already here. Zora's voice is incredible. Maybe I'm uneducated, but I can't think of any other that can pull off those trills with such accuracy, especially at higher pitches. Absolutely insane.

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