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  1. He also is a gatekeeper for Star Wars lore and thinks he's the #1 fan.

  2. Why does her facepaint stay on after she goes underwater?

  3. Kyoshi used really strong face paint from the earth kingdom, a kind that didn’t wear off and required a solvent to wash. I’d assume that the kyoshi warriors did the same

  4. Firstly the difference between the two should be made clear

  5. Who’s that, that one annoying kid that kept making it rain? Never should have taught him that song!(proceeds to angrily play song of storms)

  6. That has always been a mystery to me, Guru Guru says he ran into someone like Link during his 7 year slumber in the sacred realm, I first thought it was skull kid but turned out to be false, so who is this trouble maker that screwed up the windmill of Kakariko

  7. I love Ocarina of time and majoras mask, so much mystery and clever writing and planing

  8. Dust bending is really just an advanced form of sand bending with air bending included, Korra’s jets are the same base fire bending method that Azusa does

  9. Maybe the US should give a fuck. Probs be better for everyone if they did.

  10. Maybe if our government did, it’s hard when the people in charge only care about money and are older than the pyramid of Giza. If the people could do more do you think we wouldn’t?

  11. Oh i dont know guys, it was the same with the english overlord back in the old time right? Im sure you guys can pull another thing like that, what with all of the guns from the second amendment lying around

  12. We’re not savages, and us separating was justified. Some people here just get too powermad with the bit of freedom we have. And the right to bear arms is important, it would be good for criminals not to have them but I like defending myself.. oh what the fu$& why do I even try anymore, I’m just 14, I quit

  13. Is there a specific place/quality you’re trying to reach with Duolingo

  14. these tiktok cant even get the composer right lol

  15. It’s always Beethoven, every piece of music ever composed was by Beethoven

  16. I’ve been doing it since September of last year, we only have Spanish in high school so I figured before I go to high school I’d learn another language. German is hard but fun, congrats!

  17. Thank you for your kind words. I am happy to have been able to help the Rebels in their fight against the Empire.

  18. Your bending is amateur at best and your taste in lovers is shit. Should have given Bolin a chance you might have been more endearing that way.

  19. Actually it makes sense, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all women or all men, as it prevents the risk of a romantic relationship forming on the 3 year journey and a pregnancy happening, which would be very problematic and dangerous for the crew

  20. They wouldn’t have kids on the first place, extremely trained and intelligent people, taking their whole lives in exchange for the progression of human kind aren’t going to take the risk of getting someone pregnant, or getting pregnant. This whole thing is making them out to sound like children, they’re not, they’re adults with brains.

  21. the 1700s was a shitshow too lets be real

  22. Politics were good? I don’t think that’s a real thing.

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