1. Looks like springtails, since they're the shape, color and size of springtails and they're bouncy. If you poke one, they'll jump like a flea. They're known for their reproductive ability. They're also totally harmless.

  2. I don't mind regular Miracle-Gro soil, but the moisture control will never come into my house again. If you get fungus gnats, the standard protocol is to let your soil get dry so the larvae dry up and die. THAT STUFF DOESN'T DRY. You can't get rid of the gnats when you use it (unless you treat with chemicals, which I don't like to do), which is real gross indoors.

  3. I use BTI or mosquito dunks/ bits....its a bacteria which targets mosquito and fungus gnats larvae.. definitely safe for use inside

  4. I'm a boss and I can tell you why I can't find workers.

  5. They don't want to work for less than they deserve. Which sucks for me because that's my budget.

  6. I wonder if she would change her tune if an HR co worker with similar title/ duties disclosed their salary as being higher than her own.

  7. Soil looks a little dark. If you didnt water before taking picture, make sure your not over watering- the symptoms look the same.

  8. if I were you, I would cull, disinfect, and figure out why it happened in the first place before you start up again.

  9. Mark Wahlberg in any serious role (other than The Departed). Strangely enough, I think he's really good at comedy - maybe I just have a hard time taking him seriously.

  10. If you don’t have a bug problem, or tainted your soil with pesticides and you grew organically without anything like root rot occurring I’d say you can reuse it. People who grow organic usually prefer to reuse soil as they believe it gets better with time.

  11. I thought that was more so in indoor- no til bed, I put my used potting soil in the compost or straight into the garden beds.

  12. I only water when the soil is dry to the touch

  13. Papau new geuna landrace need that too ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 hopar valley, Nigerian, highland Guerrero. Those will all make some fire crosses and preservations

  14. I know ace seeds offers some of these strains, is that likely where homie got his?

  15. THC titans stuff has been awesome, he is behind square one and Robin Hood. The royal queen seeds USA premium line have had some nice options. The wedding crasher I just grew from the USA line was a monster. I’ve also had good experiences with sensi and seeet seeds although not the same kind of return as the above mentioned.

  16. I liked the grc x bbc and plan to try more .. I also want to try Solfire

  17. I really want to pull the trigger on joti, I'm looking at the black dolato and I like the sounds of the blue city diesel platinum sour

  18. I love this video because her friends hyping her up are like “That’s two, that’s two!”

  19. I think it's because she landed two straight rights, the second one putting her down

  20. No secrets it’s mostly genetics. I love pheno hunting so I come across some fire but if you check my Insta it’s not all my plants that come out like this. I switched to jacks 321 nutes and power si during veg which has helped me get more frosty than the last time I grew this. I just use use 3000k leds for flowering and it works great. I have found over time that the most important way to make a difference in the grow myself is to know when to stop vegging, relative to the size of pot. Know how often to water and when to and not to defoliate and that just comes down to experience and personal preference. Cheers

  21. I know not every pheno is going to be this frosty but in your opinion, are solfire strains pretty stable between seeds?

  22. flimsy but if you are in a protected area it can be useful for seed starting or getting a jump on the outdoor growing season

  23. right now im drying in the 4x4 tent I grew in.. I have my inline fan set to 60% humidity and it exhausts air similar to how you are describing

  24. Welp, I guess I'm sticking to the conventional method. I'm glad I didn't test it myself tho

  25. yea it would destroy all the terpenes and probably taste like hay ..if you really want to smoke right away pull some small buds off your plant and keep them in a room with low RH..

  26. come on kids have some better sense than this. These kids are too young....get them in a martial arts class if they want to fight

  27. Go join an MMA or boxing club. They'll sort you out, and it's a healthy way to deal with those hormones. They'll also help you learn to control those issues. For me, it was learning that I can actually cause pain to another person, by having it done to me and feeling it for days, that helped me re-evaluate my stance on violence in unsanctioned places. Yes I'm advocating you lean into your anger issues and learn how to channel them in a healthy way and an appropriate environment.

  28. definitely a good idea to get humbled in the safety of a gym....just dont think your tough shit outside of the gym because you train....I got the shit beat out of me because I was acting a little silly at a party, lesson learned.

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