What’s wrong with Joe Biden?

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  1. This is why a career politician should be automatically precluded from even becoming President of the US. I'd rather have a CEO of a large corporation, who knows how to run a business, being in charge of the business of the USA.

  2. An immersion blender is a big one I'm surprised more people don't have. You can blend soups in the pot where you're cooking them, quickly emulsify a vinaigrette in a mug, or mix some lemonade or orange juice in the jug you're gonna serve them in. The cleanup is a joke compared to a regular blender too. Mine didn't come with the whisk attachment, but I imagine it's really convenient.

  3. Nothing is worse than having to use a blender to puree soups. Put too much in the blender? Clean off the ceiling when you turn it on.

  4. A Religion that has more DON'Ts than DO's is rather pointless. Particularly when those rules don't apply for so many 'Elders'.

  5. Nancy Pelosi's freezer is full of it. At Only $8 a pint, she considers it 'the cheap stuff'.

  6. Simple questions. Do you LIKE paying nearly $5 for a gallon of gas? Do you Like that groceries are nearly unaffordable?

  7. Unemployment was 3.5 percent when the Covid crisis started and is 3.5% today.

  8. That alone is the reason that Empower Cuomo banned single use plastic bags.

  9. I would HATE to be a veterinarian, as for Every animal I would see abused, I would want to take them home with me.

  10. Unemployment is down because of those millions of undocumented aliens have gotten jobs picking fruit in California.

  11. I'd be afraid to use those. They haven't been 'Broken In' yet.

  12. Psh. He can't even dress himself properly. Nothing to worry about.

  13. My one-dollar bill is worth ONE dollar. Your Bitcoin's value depends on what time of day it is, as to its worth.

  14. NOw, now. YOu just KNOW he is going to take credit for stuff he has NO control over.

  15. Cast iron: Does NOT make food taste better-hubby is an idiot. CAN be heavier than you are used to. Lasts Forever-if taken care of properly. IS versatile, am making a filet roast in the oven NOW, and will be making a sauce on stovetop when it comes out.

  16. Yeah, and I always grab a cast iron skillet bare handed from fire too.

  17. Only a wire wheel and re-seasoning will let you know for sure.

  18. That would work on uncoated cast iron, doubtful on enamel. Pot is probably trash.

  19. Military protocol allows soldiers to refuse unlawful orders, and what Trump tried to do to these men and women was unlawful.

  20. At least with the tourists, they will go home eventually. Here in America, we are stuck with them.

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