1. She looks like a normal real-life woman in her 40s.

  2. I know many women in their mid to late 40's. None look like that even without makeup. Thats a mid to late 50's look to me if not older. It could be a woman in her 40's who has had a rough life overall e.g. a lot of smokes and drink

  3. As good as the remake is (new standard for remakes in my opinion) nothing will take away my 1st playthrough of the original as it was close to perfection for a horror/action game to me. I'm just glad a newer generation of gamers get to experience what I did all those years ago with updated everything.

  4. Might just be me but if they just straight up used Nicoles voice actress likeness 100% I doubt as many people would have complained.

  5. Resident evil 4, kingdom hearts 1 and 2, resident evil nemesis (cory and dave), metal gear rising and wind waker. Just great background noise while I do shit around the house.

  6. 4.5 stars should be close enough to max what your stores make from store modules and not care about profits. Increase the stores income and to hell with the profits. Stars are solely income based and not profit based.

  7. I have over 200 vr games now.. but RE4 remains my favorite, although Into the Radius is a very close second.

  8. I was amazed that the dangling skulls scattered around had physics. I spent at least 15 mins boxing/speed balling them before I realised I should really play the game.

  9. I stopped playing after 2 minutes because my jeeps were flipping and bouncing around. Couldnt drive to the 1st set of dinos you have to wrangle because the jeep was continually bouncing 20 foot in the air.

  10. Carno is a skin while allo is a variant model. So in terms of what is 'better" I would go with the allo model change. In terms of skins the demon carno I think is more appealing

  11. It is a skin (or so footage seems to suggest). I assumed it was a variant/new model so I was wrong

  12. Welcome to the party pal - John McClane and everybody else on the sub.

  13. Still stick with the original giga over dominon crocosaurus but the new skins and patterns will make me use the joker more often

  14. Are you kidding me? That thing just wanted to watch the world burn.

  15. It kinda watched the valley burn...but so did everything else that was in there

  16. The community mostly hated the hybrids (spinoraptor got a bit more love) so I doubt frontier would make newer ones. I have a feeling we may get a hybrid pack or expansion with spinoceratops etc. in it. I dont think it would go down well with the community paying for the hybrids again though.

  17. Everything unlocked except challenge mode skins.

  18. Honestly I know what you mean, if the DLC is ready I’m not sure why they should get it early, especially when it just benefits that handful of JWE tubers AND causes people to be drawn away from smaller channels

  19. Its free advertisement for the DLC to Frontier.

  20. Yeah the fact that neither BiS or EvoSq poster anything about the new stuff from the stream basically confirms they’re playing the dlc as I type this out

  21. Think they both have posted stuff on the stream but they will still have it I reckon.

  22. Got an email today saying they are showing off maps, animals, features. Maybe not everything but a fair bit of the DLC.

  23. Will the Dimetrodon be affected by the changes that stop small animals from entering water?

  24. I doubt it as in Dominion one is fully submerged in water so I think its canon Dimetrodon love to drown themselves

  25. No, shit would have gone crazy still and who knows he may have gotten killed by something that escaped on the way back, especially if he drove by the Raptor paddock.

  26. He kept the raptor fences on. It was only when they shut everything down to reboot the system that the raptors were able to escape. Muldoon even said 'even Nedry knew not to mess with the raptor fences!'

  27. The guy who keeps commenting malta pack on other posts must be very happy XD.

  28. That Can guy does my head in. Glad people just started downvoting him when they caught on to what he was doing 😂

  29. No it was september 15 the late cretaceous pack came out.

  30. Was just checking on the steamdb myself and thinking are those final branches etc. from the ziplines or something new.

  31. If your PC has the proper specs, DEFINITELY get it on PC. There are certain things you can only do on PC, like mixed era building sets & other things. I don't know them all, because, well, I only own this game on PC.

  32. 'Mixed era building sets and other things' isnt only PC. Its PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. But still if you have the specs go PC for modding. Opens the game up more. Modding is the only difference PC has over the next gen consoles.

  33. Yea you can use time controls in 1st person mode now. Thats the only QOL we got with this. Im not complaining though we're due a bigger DLC with a possibly bigger QOL update within the next month. This is just an anniversary freebie.

  34. I lock the frame rate to 30fps in the game settings so I can play the game with no problems on the series X.

  35. Always loved acrochunkasaurus even in JWE 1. Charcar though I think the new skins made me warm up to it as I really hated it it JWE 1 and never used it.

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