1. Get the red one from BR.. but honestly I would just wait till Airgraft gets more in the market.. each live resin cartridge pod thing is preset to the right voltage and temp for what’s in it…. I love my Airgraft

  2. I was interested in the Astral destiny but I haven't seen it come back since. It's too bad people said it smelled like shit haha.

  3. Ahh they’ve got it in Logan right now, not sure how far that is for you but for me it’s the same distance as driving to strawberry fields

  4. Almost three hours away too bad lol.

  5. I’ve totally changed up what I was going to get today…. Am picking up a half of strawberry bubbles and some of the harry pothead Frx … I do think it’s interesting that people would rather have shake from certified over real buds from Frx… 🤷‍♂️

  6. Yeah I had the Donny burger last week, 5.66 for $25 … it was very good for the price

  7. Thanks my dude. Just put 2 of the cherry cane halves and a tenth of that lemon drop in my cart. After all discounts I’m at <52 otd. Really hoping your bag isn’t an anomaly. I got a couple bags of shake from them a few months ago. The Arnie P 2 looked just like this while the Blueberry Muffin was more shaky, super small buds(if you can even call them a bud).

  8. And you know what old people smell like, right?

  9. Oh yes, I of course use the moth method with the old people..

  10. I’m sick of the terrible design along 33 that let’s all the warehouse traffic enter and cross the freeway where there is no on ramp… dangerous.. multiple accidents every day…. My family’s trip to town is like Russian roulette

  11. I'll never understand why DHL warehouses got built behind the Home Depot/Kroger strip mall. Winchester Boulevard is a gamble already, adding in heavy truck traffic is orders of magnitude worse.

  12. Because CW is desperate to see some type of tax revenue but panders to the businesses and gives tax abatements for ungodly long periods of times leading us to all suffer as groveport light…. Canal is terrible at city planning and it shows as they lag behind literally every other suburb in attracting businesses and developing their downtown space…. I’m thoroughly disappointed with them and am close enough to lithopolis that I just say I live there 😂

  13. Cool make sure you knock it all off there so no one else can see it

  14. Wish I could change the title… 😅

  15. I’ve been meaning to try them… but I’m always on the search for Lemon or cheese strains

  16. No - you were doing it properly. The LLCS are only growing the flower long enough to maximize the cellulose growing peroid and don't give a shit about the quality of the trichomes. They want HIGH thc testing results and don't listen to feedback from the patients.

  17. I think the difference will be akin to what we have now with beer…. There’s Miller light… and then there are craft beers

  18. This is current cannabis lore. Nobody would openly brag about getting a cheap bag nowadays.

  19. https://www.pinalcentral.com/maricopa_monitor/education/mhs-student-charged-after-striking-classmate-with-chair/article_23b0609a-2713-5ef2-b907-7b5e69aa3917.html

  20. I sure hope this never happens to my kids… I might catch a case of assault on their parents..

  21. Pretty much now all low knowledge people can do things they couldn’t do before but not at the same level as an expert in ChatGPT or Coding something….

  22. All human art has been done… there are only so many patters and sounds that we find pleasing … or at even capable of seeing or hearing… lol

  23. I’m almost 100% positive that is just a motion sensor for an alarm and all of reddit is losing their minds.

  24. It’s a motion sensor, not a camera, I have them in my home too. It senses motion when the system is armed.

  25. Pitchforks are easier than shovels when it comes to pulling a plant…. Stick that fork at a 45 degree angle below the plant, and pop it up carefully

  26. Well since I never get any concerts in my yard, I’d happily trade for a weekend!

  27. Eh the only strain I’ve had that was even remotely over 2% total terps was sunset octane and still hardly any smell taste to it, every other strain no smell at all. But yeah I’ve never ran through my days faster than when I was getting their oz’s and halves, not worth it imo when you blow through an oz in less days than it would take from just a decent half oz

  28. You got an oz of Franco’s cheese with no smell or taste? Didn’t even know that was possible

  29. I really like grow Ohio lemon G … great stuff when it’s around but don’t buy if it’s not on sale!

  30. TBH… it looks like you’re telling other people not to turn on red 🤷‍♂️

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