1. Oh I for sure wouldn’t have. I have about 100k in loans mostly because of interest and am unable to work in my field because school ruined my mental health and no therapy or medication has helped.

  2. I feel for you, and I’m sorry…but you will only ever accomplish or not accomplish what you believe. Most of what you’re saying is very negative and unfortunately the way so many people in debt think. People have climbed out of debt more massive than yours, and even ended up being financially successful. It’s not impossible. It’s up to you to decide whether you will preserve or just let this debt eat away at you until you die. You are not a victim to it, and once you free this mentality from your mind, you WILL see changes in your outer world.

  3. Hey, Ok-Plant9391. Oh, gosh. Where to begin? I live in the Village, and my three favorite here are:

  4. Wow thank you so much! This is amazing advice :) Are any of these trails more advanced? I’m a novice hiker and don’t have any special equipment other than my hiking boots and basic stuff.

  5. Oh, good questions! I apologize. I didn’t think about that! Fortunately, though, I have done all of these with nothing more than sneakers. Then again, bear in mind I’m a bit of a mountain goat and elevation doesn’t bother me, either (heights do vertigo-wise but not lung-wise).

  6. Thank you SO MUCH. you have been incredibly helpful 🥺🥺❤️

  7. Curious about the snow conditions too. I arrive next weekend and plan on hiking, staying at Enchantment. Wondering if I should postpone trip. We are just novice hikers. Anyone have suggestions on hikes in that area that we don’t need any special gear for. We have good hiking boots but thats it.

  8. One that isn’t mentioned here and changed my life: Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette

  9. i feel bad for you tbh. this has gotta be a nightmare to handle. don’t do anything stupid or you could get jail time. contact ur bank immediately

  10. Just stumbled across this. I know it's a year old and you probably figured it out, but just in case: your speech should be coming in between -18 and -12 db and should never get anywhere near 0db. Turning your gain down will eliminate that sound. Also, keep in mind that headphone output can add noise that isn't really there as can low quality headphones like earbuds. Love the setup. Have a very similar setup myself except a Sennheiser e835 instead of Shure sm58. But very similar mic.

  11. Hey! Do you know if TWO Sm58 microphones and one Scarlett audio interface would work?

  12. As long as it's a 2i2, hell yes! That's a great way to start out I think.

  13. No wait wow you can do that?!? That’s the best hack ever!

  14. Go to Colts Grill BBQ in Oak Creek after a long day of hiking, including Airport Mesa Trail.

  15. Wow, what hiking trail did you take to see this? Was it a hard one?

  16. Look up Matías de Stefano on YouTube 🌱 I believe in what he says.

  17. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your feelings are completely valid.

  18. Gratitude. Begin there. If you really want to change you must change your habits…write down what you’re grateful for everyday when you wake up & before you go to sleep. Read more self-help books. Go on social media less. Show up for yourself.

  19. It’s in the title haha “Myrtle Ave Super Market”

  20. Have you been to Descanso Gardens or Huntington Gardens? They should be in full bloom soon.

  21. Hi there! I am also searching this…any leads? Maybe it can start right here :) I’m looking into going to some Yoga classes at a studio near me, thinking this can also help !

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