1. I’m assuming their grandpas breathstar is involved and that’s a sativa

  2. I really appreciate this post, after you mentioned it I figured the same thing and decided not to go with it yet. Hopefully we learn more soon on the cross but I chose Motor Cake instead to be safe. I really have bad luck with sativas so thank you again for comment, I’m happy with my motor cake. Take care!

  3. Klutch won a lottery to open a dispensary in Ohio. That doesn’t say much, cause it was probably a fixed lottery anyways. Maybe brag about winning awards when they win one from a cannabis cup, emerald cup. Lmao and to be honest I’m looking on Google and I don’t see any awards they won. It just says they won the lottery to build a dispensary or some bullshit. So you should probably get your facts right. Josh D farms won the cup in 2019 with a strain ice cream cake that klutch grows. It’s kind of funny cause the dispos in other states like cookies and runtz are the ones getting these strains from seed junky genetics. They’re the ones picking out the strains they grow. Jungle boys, they have legit genetics. Klutch is just copying what these guys are doing and trying to replicate the same quality. They aren’t coming close at all. They’re just riding the hype these other dispos are creating. Why can’t these other dispos come in Ohio and open up shop? Because they would run all the other shity places out of business. I see that as a win if it gets us better products

  4. I was super pumped to try a first place cup winning strain by the same grower and all in the past year, I bought it at a MI dispo. It was Brain Stew by Local Grove. Overall super solid flower, it was 15/G but honestly I was insanely let down by it due to such high expectations. I thought I was coming across the best flower of all time but realized I’ve had many other strains in Ohio that I found quite a bit better than the cup winner. I still think MI Is clearly ahead of Ohio but I find many people underestimate some of our products. This flower was 35%THC (inflated most likely like OH can be) and came pretty damn dry. We have a long way to go but I’ve had many strains in Ohio that I was insanely impressed by. Problem Child blew me away in Ohio. Klutch does have some amazing offerings out there when everything is done right!

  5. I am going on 30 years old, roughly 10 years ago I saw something unlike anything I’ve seen in my life with a best friend. We saw the same thing together which is the only thing making us feel sane with what we saw. We have one another’s credibility side by side. I still to this day have never seen anything like it, only a select few online videos that look identical. With all the information we soak up over time I think I’d know by now if what I saw was explainable in our daily lives but it simply wasn’t. Whatever is out there is unlike anything the public is knowledgeable of to this day as a whole. Even if it isn’t extraterrestrial is still extraordinary, absolutely mind blowing. I still question why I never attempted to get a photo or video, back then it would have been a photo on my flip phone. But trying to comprehend and soak in what your seeing first hand takes over the silly thought of capturing a picture in my experience. I can’t relate anything to it, so grateful yet confused with my experience. I am always a believer now since I saw what I did.

  6. I think a large part of the problem is many high quality images/videos are said to be CGI/Photoshopped fakes. We don’t really know what a baseline of what’s real and what’s not since it’s all pushed down to be fake with no official disclosure so far. Maybe if we had official high quality photo/video it would be much easier to find the authentic evidence out there but they don’t want that yet. Also we have no idea what this phenomenon is outside our understanding. So seeing a clip where there’s a object floating for 20 min just for it to completely disappear in less than a millisecond would be said to be fake since it’s not possible with our technology doesn’t mean it isn’t authentic, it’s just far beyond our understanding making us believe it to be fake. I often find myself in this pickle. Also we can barely get clear images with our smart phones of things within 100 feet so how would we of objects in the sky at high altitudes while possibly traveling over 10,000mph at times as stated by Lue Elizondo when we could barely see them with our naked eye if we were looking for it in person. It’s all a mess, the government seems to be struggling in our new age of information spreading hiding their lies(:

  7. Another note the side fin looks like it flows to the ear hole. If that helps people see it better.

  8. Also if you zoom in on the head and turn your phone so the fins go vertically you can easily see two fins!

  9. That helped a ton thank you! Really changed my perspective on this one now.

  10. I’ve had multiple POW strains I enjoyed and was super excited to try GG#4 from them since I never had gorilla glue. Absolutely disgusted by the smell/taste/color of this flower. May as well have been golden in color all around and the taste/smell were so bad I couldn’t vape it at all (Crafty+ , Volcano Hybrid) so I ended up smoking over time if I was in a pinch. Surprised I didn’t just throw it away, seriously though I’ve enjoyed other POW options but whatever batch I got a year ago was the worst in the program. Not hating on POW one bit they used to be a go to brand of mine for months.

  11. This has always been a horrible video of multiple nights and multiple objects/artifacts.

  12. I think your post may be a prime example of why OP made this post in the first place. The amazing amount of lazy “balloon” or “kite” debunks in evidence amazes me. Yes most sightings are explainable and many are just balloons or other common airborne objects but that doesn’t apply to all cases. The government has even stated most are explainable but there’s a small percentage where we don’t know where to even start with them. To me this video is prime example of something that people shouldn’t dismiss as just a balloon or a kite, yes the cruise ship does look promising but doesn’t add up in the long run with the debunk on the cruise ship debunk. Clearly this video is something more but people that are hardcore debunkers will never see the value in this video as their mind is already made that UAPs don’t exist, even when our government and many others have been open recently that they do exist and aren’t ruling out extraterrestrial origin lol times have changed.

  13. Can you elaborate on why you think so? I gave my reasons.

  14. I think the point your making with this post is clearly happening again within this post. Some of the best UFO footage is being shot down with zero effort debunk responses. I really do believe there is a lot of disinformation users on this page trying to control the narrative still. Unless this many people truly are hardcore non believers where no form of evidence would ever changed their mind due to their beliefs and will do anything to shoot down the best evidence out there.

  15. I think OP is speaking on strictly vaporizer recommendations, don’t think your comment is worth downvoting if misunderstood. ButI completely agree that RSO is a game changer. Didn’t expect it to be my favorite way to consume cannabis, it always has the perfect effects for me! Just very strong if your new to edibles or low tolerance ( I stay between 10-40mg) is my biggest downside to it personally. Need to learn better ways to dose it myself then it’s basically perfect for me!

  16. Storz & Bickel Crafty+ or Storz & Bickel Mighty+ hands down! Life changing vapes for me here.

  17. Yeah explains all the sightings/hieroglyphs over the past couple thousand years. People making prank videos for social media! Even if it discredits some recent activity, the odds of this being the phenomenon seen around the world on nearly all accounts of UAPs seen recently is laughable.

  18. That’s an LED kite, been posted before, and you can find the exact same model for sale, and videos of people showing off the kite, as a kite.

  19. I personally see nearly no resemblance to the kite linked above other than the triangular shape. Do you know a video of the kite showing the glowing ball in the center of the craft morphing around strangely?

  20. The botanist brand has been my favorite of the 3 I’ve tried so far!

  21. My favorite dispensary in NE Ohio, very excited for it to open in Columbus for everyone. The Coventry location has some of the best pricing/deals/staff every time I am picking up. Their prices are so good I usually can’t find a reason to go anywhere else! I also drive 45 min to get there it’s that worth it lol

  22. Which dispensaries do you pass up on that 45 min drive to go to Amplify?

  23. Elyria Body & Mind, Lakewood 2 Rise Locations, Cleveland Botanist and Cleveland The Landing location! Not saying I hate any of the others, it’s just Amplify seems to have the best selection, pricing and deals most of the time for me! Even when something isn’t on sale it’s usually cheaper than surrounding dispensaries!

  24. Hey sorry for the late response. The flower looks insanely nice, vapes very nice & had very strong effects that I enjoy. Biggest downside to the 5.6Gs I got was there was very little to no smell/taste. After being in a jar for over a week with hydration packs it’s come back to life but the smell/taste aren’t blowing me away. They are just more noticeable now and the flower is no longer dry like it came. If it wasn’t 30% off and I didn’t rehydrate them I would be upset with my purchase personally. Hope this helps!

  25. Just got the Chemarado and it’s reeeeally good. Believe that one is new and the indigo sunshine, haven’t seen before either. I remember Beach Wedding being real good (particularly if you like fruity terps like lemon skunk) but haven’t seen it on a menu in a minute. Interested in feedback on this batch if you go with BW

  26. I almost went with the Beach Wedding but went with the Chemarado instead. I’m very happy with it especially for $77 a half. It reminds me a ton of Chem OG with a spicy background note, great effects as well and not dry at all. I’m super excited to try Beach Wedding next, enjoy the Chemarado and thanks for your input!

  27. Sundae driver is very solid mid-tier. Rough cut means a little extra steam and a leaf or two. Great value pick

  28. I completely agree, I was blown away how strong the smell was on my batch of sundae driver. It cleared the room every time I opened it, was very happy with the smell/taste on it!

  29. As far as I know it is extremely common to use edibles after dental work, but I guess it’s theoretically possible it could cause dry mouth and lead to discomfort. Never heard of anyone having that experience tho

  30. Great to know and incredibly reassuring since I don’t use edibles often and have gone for a ride way further than I expected many times lol. I really appreciate your response!

  31. Bro I have had a couple teeth pulled and I never stopped vaping or smoking. I know it's not good advice so I'm not telling you this as advice. What I did when I got my teeth pulled is I put that gauze in my mouth and cover the hole really good with it and then smoke and vape like that.. That way I wouldn't cause myself to suck the clot out of the hole and give myself dry socket.. I never had an issue with any of my extractions by doing that..

  32. I was originally going to try to vape through it but didn’t hear of using gauze over the wound. I am trying to keep away from vaping but knowing me I’ll end up dipping into my Cake Crasher rosin at some point soon after lol but I am glad to hear you had no issues with your experience. Thanks for your input!

  33. First time trying Ascension and I was very impressed especially for $24 for 2.83. This flower was gorgeous to look at with huge buds, just very appealing to the eye in person. I will say the Boveda pack made it a whole new flower the next day. Without the pack it was pretty dry with muted smell/taste. With the pack the smell and taste came out a lot more than expected, it got very sticky as well with a great snap to it. I would easily get a half of this stuff using boveda packs. EFFECTS WERE AMAZING FOR 19%THC it definitely hit hard for it s THC content. Hit harder than many higher THC flower purchases I’ve made in the past, very happy with this one!

  34. Looks very similar to the witness photo illustration of the being in Varginha, interesting!

  35. Hey everyone I am using cannabis primarily for mental health purposes of PTSD/Anxiety/Derealization/Panic Disorder. Although it does have many physical benefits for me as well which is a huge plus. I’ve been on tons of prescription medications and sadly the only one to really help my anxiety is the benzos such as Xanax, Ativan and Klonopin that I was on a couple years ago roughly. I don’t want to be on those medications for a handful of reasons and know cannabis has helped me greatly with these things. I am just trying to dial in on more strains and what people find best to work for them for these symptoms. I just picked up some Firelands Northern Lights for the first time yesterday and have been loving it behind the ICC and Lemon Dosidos to my surprise. I don’t mind the heavy hitting sleepy strains to use throughout the day, I’m basically used to being tired all day from everything they’ve put me on in the past. RSO I find an amazing amount of benefits from but I don’t find it to be best for my day to day use until I get off work. Open to any recommendations!

  36. Hey I just bought a volcano hybrid roughly 3 weeks ago, realized quickly that I needed a chamber reducer to get the most out of my vape if I’m not filling the chamber properly. From what I’ve read for best results is with the full sized chamber you can fill it all the way or half way with the other half being the concentrate pad. So I went with a chamber reducer to use dosing capsules in or just the flower filling the chamber reducer. It’s been an absolute life changer for getting the most out of my product consistently, planetofthevapes.com had it for roughly $20 I believe and it came in 2 days. Before I got the reducer though I was packing enough to evenly coat the bottom of the full sized chamber without the S&B concentrate pad and got good results but not as good as the chamber reducer. Hope this helps!

  37. Absolutely love both of these strains you can’t go wrong either way. I prefer ice cream cake since indicas are my favorite. ICC is still my favorite indica in the program to this day after going through many indica strains/brands.

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