1. Hey everyone I am using cannabis primarily for mental health purposes of PTSD/Anxiety/Derealization/Panic Disorder. Although it does have many physical benefits for me as well which is a huge plus. I’ve been on tons of prescription medications and sadly the only one to really help my anxiety is the benzos such as Xanax, Ativan and Klonopin that I was on a couple years ago roughly. I don’t want to be on those medications for a handful of reasons and know cannabis has helped me greatly with these things. I am just trying to dial in on more strains and what people find best to work for them for these symptoms. I just picked up some Firelands Northern Lights for the first time yesterday and have been loving it behind the ICC and Lemon Dosidos to my surprise. I don’t mind the heavy hitting sleepy strains to use throughout the day, I’m basically used to being tired all day from everything they’ve put me on in the past. RSO I find an amazing amount of benefits from but I don’t find it to be best for my day to day use until I get off work. Open to any recommendations!

  2. Hey I just bought a volcano hybrid roughly 3 weeks ago, realized quickly that I needed a chamber reducer to get the most out of my vape if I’m not filling the chamber properly. From what I’ve read for best results is with the full sized chamber you can fill it all the way or half way with the other half being the concentrate pad. So I went with a chamber reducer to use dosing capsules in or just the flower filling the chamber reducer. It’s been an absolute life changer for getting the most out of my product consistently, planetofthevapes.com had it for roughly $20 I believe and it came in 2 days. Before I got the reducer though I was packing enough to evenly coat the bottom of the full sized chamber without the S&B concentrate pad and got good results but not as good as the chamber reducer. Hope this helps!

  3. Absolutely love both of these strains you can’t go wrong either way. I prefer ice cream cake since indicas are my favorite. ICC is still my favorite indica in the program to this day after going through many indica strains/brands.

  4. I got it about 8 months ago, I’ve noticed a rattling sound at the bottom at the base. Even with the packing tool and cooling chamber taken off it still makes the sound. This has been hands down the best vape I’ve ever had and am planning on getting a volcano this year! I just want to know if it’s worth returning for a new one under wannaranty if this isn’t a big deal at all. Does anyone know if this is a problem big enough to return it? Thanks for your input!

  5. Woodword is tasty but you’ll never catch me paying full price for it

  6. I completely agree, after a year being in the program I finally got Woodward since I saw the minis for $69 instead of $89 like the regular version is. I will wait around for the minis again!

  7. First time trying Woodward, got the MINIS for $69 at the Botanist. Beautiful nug structure, great smell/taste on this one. Definitely seems a little more stimulating than I expected but that just be me, still love the effects though. I could smell this flower all day, weirdly enough it smells identical to a IPA beer to me. Smells very tropical fruity at times but that may also just be me getting those notes. Otherwise I do get a deep berry flavor with some stinky cheese aroma. I am glad I got to experience Woodwards quality, looking to pick up True OG by them next or an indica by them. Very impressed!

  8. S&B Crafty+ was a life changing purchase for me, completely transitioned to vaping daily since getting it a year ago.

  9. Still haven’t tried Gelenas but it’s next on my list, I’ve been stuck on Klutch products lol do you have a Indica/Hybrid by Gelenas that’s your favorite?

  10. Anytime, I completely agree as long as it has great effects as well as good smell/taste that’s all that matters. It’s a plus when the flower looks really nice, I really can’t complain about anything with this purchase. I just have a feeling some people get turned off strictly on appearance when the flower is truly a winner lol

  11. To find it in stock from my location I had to expand out to 300 miles on the website. 😪

  12. Just saw it pop back up at the Botanist in Cleveland, had to come let you know!

  13. Yeah Dayton is definitely a little too far lol but I’ve had Motorbreath by Klutch/Josh D in the past in luster pods and flower and it’s 100% worth getting in my opinion. If it’s in stock near by I’d go for it I think you’ll be really satisfied with it! Very heavy hitting strain for me, if I could always have some in my collection I would!

  14. I’ve been thinking about getting this one for a while. Whats the flavor and effects like ?

  15. I am a pretty experienced with strains, flavors, effects but not a pro but I’ll give my take on it. It reminds me a lot of Motorbreath with some more citrus/pine to it. Definitely has a very gassy flavor that sticks, effects are pretty heavy but doesn’t keep me from doing things. I don’t find it to be super heavy hitting as an indica, the benefits are all there it just doesn’t keep me locked in place like other indicas do lol

  16. I am very impressed with this strain, first time trying it. Super flavorful with some heavy effects, you can still taste the flavor long after hitting it. I feel like the Ghost OG shines through well on this one. Definitely in my top 3 Klutch strain’s alongside Ice Cream Cake and Motorbreath! I do find benefits for anxiety, PTSD, stress, sleep etc..

  17. Definitely the frostiest I’ve seen in the program, still want to see the MAC1 flower from Klutch!

  18. I am just using my phone camera (iPhone 11) they take great pictures but I am planning on getting an attachment to take up close photos lol

  19. Also I recently I lost my battery and went to 5 vape shops to find a new one, no vape shops carried the battery. It seems to only be sold online or at a dispensary from my experience!

  20. After switching to luster pods I haven’t gone back to 510, definitely don’t see as many options for luster pods but they always have something great for me in lusters. I think they hit much stronger/smoother, the luster battery is also very nice feeling in the hand which adds to the experience for me. Never had any connection/hitting issues which has been a problem for 510s for me. Only downside is I go through luster pods more quickly, I think it’s because they hit harder. Luster battery on its own is $20 at the botanist where I get them, hope this helps!

  21. I vote try something new, you already know that ICC is a favorite and if the new sucks you can always go back

  22. It’s a close call so far between blueberry & ICC, your comment sold me on choosing blueberry vintage. I always keep ICC on hand but not this time, thanks for your input and pushing me to try something new lol

  23. I’ll keep you updated later tonight, set for pickup @6:30 times been dragging waiting lol

  24. Klutch products so far, mainly their Ice Cream Cake (Indica) and Orange 43 (Sativa) for flower/vapes. Also I’ve been very satisfied with Buckeye Relief, still about 6 months into the program so I’m also somewhat new to it using this Reddit to help me out big time lol

  25. I got mine through Veriheal and got my meds the same day as the appointment, for me everything came the same day! May be different for others though.

  26. Recently got some Kiva Camino blueberry gummies that have CBN added, got 20 gummies each has 5mg THC/1mg CBN per gummy for $30 a pack. Also the botanist has some great gummies with CBN added to them, CBN is amazing for sleep! Couldn’t tell the Kiva Camino gummies were cannabis gummies since they taste so good. My all time favorite for sleep is RSO though, not a gummy and it’s super concentrated. If dosed properly it’s my absolute favorite way to consume cannabis and get excellent sleep out of it!

  27. where’d you find the decorative piece it’s on? that’s pretty sick

  28. I thought the same I grabbed it the second I saw it, I got it at Earthbound in North Olmsted mall. There was only a couple there for $15 I think it’s made for incense cones but I have other uses for it lol

  29. I got it a week ago & really enjoy it, I made a post about it if you’d like to see. I am 90% of the time using indicas & found Larry Cake to be very heady for an indica. It’s weirdly almost sativa feeling to me mentally with a mild indica effect. Even though I do enjoy it for me personally I wouldn’t recommend it as an indica, it’s not what I would personally look for in a indica. My favorite indica otherwise would be Ice Cream Cake by Klutch, heavily recommend it! Very heavy and all around fantastic!

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