1. I guess everything we’re doing here is making assumptions but to me saying she has bad character is an extreme conclusion to make based on the evidence. She’s a 20 something year old woman in a male dominated industry who makes stupid mistakes. She also surrounds herself with/is surrounded by terrible people. We all go through it. For some of us it’s in undergrad, our first jobs, or wherever. For her it’s on this very public stage. Maybe I empathize too much. Y’all’s point is well taken though! We do paint her as 100% the victim sometimes. She’s not just stupid in the clouds blameless and helpless but I’d cut her some slack. She needs better people, ideally grown adult women, in her corner.

  2. Agreed, the books don’t balance. Owners of actual successful fashion lines don’t even have this amount of luxury cars and Hermes bags , it’s a tacky and new money vibe

  3. She sees that in herself tho bc she always talks abt how she didn’t love her middle class childhood so that’s why she buys herself everything she wasn’t able to have. I can understand that but at some point she needs to move on from her past and not like her childhood trauma dictate her life today. She still seems very trapped in her memories

  4. I kinda feel for her. She seems to be really hurt; broken… it seems like she truly loves the sport but her genetics (or training preferences?) doesn’t allow to get any further.

  5. Yeah you can tell she loves the sport and that’s why she always returns after quitting, but she internalizes her placements so viscerally and you can tell it breaks her. I feel for her too but it’s hard to watch

  6. They’re so hideous that’s what gets me! I can’t imagine her being in a store, seeing these necklaces and saying “wow these are such a vibe I need to buy”

  7. Don't you like when your shorts make you look like you have heavy discharge?

  8. I literally screenshotted this to post here. I could not believe my eyes

  9. I love that Sofia kept this pic up. Sis knows what she’s doing LOL

  10. But only her, because she hates all other women according to her Twitter 🥰

  11. Maybe I’m bias but I like her style. I love little shorts and over sized tees. It’s how I dressed since high school. And I love Miu miu boots! The only thing is her style in 2017-2019 i didn’t vibe with. It was very h&m mom

  12. It’s not even that this is a “bad” outfit it’s just not much of an outfit. Unremarkable, not something you’d explain as a vibe or great fashion sense. It’s just regular clothing

  13. She also has a nasty personality.. and a whole bunch mental issues. Listen to the way she talks in her videos, it's mostly dropping f bombs every other word, using slang to seem "cool", and screaming at the camera. What a miserable human being.

  14. Oh definitely. I never liked “her” for her personality, just wanted to see what she bought. But can’t even give her credit there anymore bc that little pink Chanel Fanny pack was NOT the vibe, as she’d say

  15. I agree with you so much. Even if she was hiding the ugly aspects about her, good, we all try to mitigate the negatives within us. I never thought it would be this bad. She was actually so pretty and extremely nice about sharing what she wore and bought. She was admittedly too picky and stubborn but it was more humble than now. She also knew she was never curvy and had broad shoulders but she dressed it well. I do feel like the constant negative comments from online at the time were undeserved. It just never helps someone to be bullied and as much as I understand it now, people were obviously cruel to her before, and this is her way of defending herself and she doesn’t know how ugly it makes her (on the inside). I wish she never got into a rushed relationship with nick and maybe actually tried to have female friends. Her internalized sexism is so self-destructive. She blames women for everything and it’s like she’s projecting her own insecurities. I wish she would actually not care instead of trying to clap back at everything.

  16. How was your experience w her? She seems nice from her posts but obv don’t know her well

  17. There are a few that have symmastia (uniboob) and it just distracts too much... It also doesn't look good unfortunately :(

  18. I think her glutes in back shot look unaesthetically wide. Not crazy abt it

  19. Who here remembers her relationship w Jeff? Tell me I’m not that old lol

  20. Honestly I don’t remember much but robin had posted a YouTube video announcing her new relationship w ben. A lot of people speculated that she left Jeff for ben, as he’s obviously the more successful mogul, but who knows tbh. Jeff also started dating Stephanie and at the time (pre all in lol) everyone loved them tg—all their workout videos and epic cheat days. So it seemed like both Jeff and robin happily moved on and the breakup wasn’t (publicly, at least) messy like the Nikki b and Christian debacle

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