1. She's always been filthy. Doing her fake yoga on public spots, putting her hands, head and bare feet all over Manhattan sidewalks and benches. Wearing the bacteria farm slippers outside and inside. So gross 😖

  2. Let’s not forget the time she put her gross bare feet on someone’s piano 🙄

  3. Are you serious? I can't tell if this is a joke. So I can no longer post any memes unless the person is of my race? This is 1000% different than black face

  4. I am serious, and a POC besides. I myself don’t think a person who uses POC GIFs is necessarily racist, but if the majority of POC can agree on something that’s offensive to them it’s probably best not to be insensitive.

  5. There is no way most ppl agree with this. How did you determine that most POC agree with this? So my bestie is indian. She can only post memes of other indians? So she can't post/use hardly any gifs or memes? Eta: from india, not native american

  6. Look, I didn’t come up with the concept of digital blackface. If after reading about it you still want to use something that most POC find offensive I guess that’s on you

  7. Yes, her little face already looks so sad. First thing I noticed💔

  8. This is a far reach from someone making a post about a dead parent or grand parent. Maybe they just want to honor that person and keep their memory alive. My own mom died when I was a teenager and I choose to post an older photo on her bday to remember her and make the day about celebrating her even if I’m still sad she’s gone. It’s not attention seeking and the fact that you think that just shows you don’t know what it’s like to have dead parents.

  9. Beautiful. I do that for my mom and my husband (both dead now)

  10. Baby Ila was in the tub because I remember this photo; Carmen is standing there and massaging the little baby’s feet

  11. If this was a news story of feet found in permafrost from 10,000 years ago I would believe it

  12. She’s not even holding their sweet little hands. She holding their wrists. And she’s grilling so hard that her knuckles are WHITE 💔

  13. cue the day she starts wearing her kids clothes to show she can fit them. We know its coming.. the "LOok at me in my 11 year olds hello kitty pjs.. arn't i cute as a button?"

  14. Oh she’s already done that: she made some kind of garbage post a year and a half ago where she’s wearing one of her kid’s Star Wars t-Shirts. “Fun fact: I used to be a Star Wars fan” was the caption of her gazing lovingly at herself in the mirror— but it was all about her being able to fit into a child’s t-shirt

  15. I’d love to see her get sued. Anything to wipe that Etch-A-Smirk off her face

  16. It's when you say I don't have to apologize ....is the problem, you don't have to, but you should, you did this on purpose you lied, I speak 3 languages I went to Germany 3x, I came to the US with a German passport I don't claim to be German, Im not German, my grandparents were! My dad is fluent, I aint German, don't say i'm Irish cuz your last name is Guinness ! Or you speak the language ! If you can speak Chinese you r not from china ! Simple ....very simple!, every person in NYC speaks more than one language ! YOU R NOT SPECIAL ! They r poor and trying, that's the point ...you took something from People of real struggle and ran with it to make a Latina magazine cover !

  17. If your grandparents were German I think you have clearance to identify as German of you wanted (or at least German-American). In my case, I was born in Germany, and German was my first language. My mother and her family come from a tiny town in Bavaria. Even though I’ve been an American all my life, receiving both my citizenship and my African-American heritage from my father (an American soldier), my mother and I have always claimed to be ‘German’, although I don’t have the stereotypical German phenotype. I’ve remained fluent in German and am trying to teach it to my children so that they don’t forget their incredible connection to Germany— with success only with one of my four🤣

  18. The front of that carrier looks wet. Why!? And the babies face is laying against it. Did she spill something on it? Hillz is such a skank. Clean AND DRY the friggin carrier!!!

  19. I’m hoping it wasn’t hot coffee from those wasteful single-use cups that she insists on holding right on top of the baby’s head 🙄

  20. He said something to a friend I can never forget or forgive. He's a raging misogynistic, homophobic, racist and if his eyebrows were ablaze and I really, really had to pee I would wet my underoos before I would help him. I choose the UTI just so he can suffer a half a second longer.

  21. As Buddhists, we actually do believe that the people we’ve harmed (or killed) in life show up at our most vulnerable moment— the moment of death— and demand restitution. I don’t have a shadow of a doubt that when Alex croaks (and by the looks of him it might be soon), he’ll come face to face with Halyna’s smiling visage. It will not be a pleasant, welcoming smile.

  22. It just doesn’t make sense. She’s admitted she’s not Spanish but claims she grew up between two cultures. I grew up with a lot of German around me (German relatives, months spent there, studied it) and I speak it almost fluently. But if my only-English-speaking partner wrote me a social media post and started proclaiming his love to me in German , that would just be… so weird.

  23. Ohhh, I would love it if my boyfriend proclaimed his love to me in German! (German was my first language, born in Germany, mother was German, raise my children with both languages). It would not only be adorable but show me that he appreciates the language and culture that helped mold me into the person I am today, and it helps me feel closer to my mom. She was my only living connection to Germany. Gone now 🇩🇪

  24. Meemaw Larry’s lips look as if she’s mouthing “psss-pssss-pssss” to get baby’s attention for the camera. Keeping alive the tradition of only communicating to her babies in clicks and grunts so that they’re verbally delayed🙄

  25. I don’t think he’ll go to prison. We aren’t that lucky.

  26. Maybe not, but then a lot of us never believed that he would be charged either

  27. No he’s a father now and he’s successful. Completely out of her league and she knows it.

  28. No. This was all about trying to flex how she’s small enough to fit inside of a crib

  29. I don’t know anyone who has or works with babies with claws like that. She’s going to poke their eyes. Idiot

  30. She doesn’t do any work at all with those claws and she’s trying to flex. I have (natural) fingernails that are just an inch or two long, and I’m constantly shredding them or tearing them into the quick at my kennel technician job. Then I come home and take care of three teenagers. Larry doesn’t work. She doesn’t do shit. All she does is wear trashy slippers outside or lay around the house with her gross flippers in everyone’s faces. And those are the nice things I can think of to say.

  31. You know I'd be shocked if that lazy ass even came out to New Mexico. I think she'll use the excuse of needing to stay home with the kids while he's on trial. I can't see her lifting a finger to support him, unless she's on camera.

  32. Exactly. She’ll tell him “I’m with Michelle and I don’t think it’s a good idea”

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