1. Woodward is the one brand I can never find a sale for, unless it's a store wide sale where everything is discounted.

  2. That’s because they’re kind of a name their price brand, and they stand behind it. If you want what they offer you’ll pay for it, if not… they’ll keep making money regardless. That’s the unfortunate truth. I wish Dispensaries offered Woodward(Firerock) sales, but I believe it’s because they’re even getting charged pretty high for their flower. So you’re paying that middle man price. Doesn’t mean I agree or like it!

  3. Haven't tried it yet. Amazing, dense bud structure and the nose is lovely - a fair amount of citrus and gas. The rest is hard to describe. Check for a review later.

  4. I love Woodward Bud structure. Some people hate on it. I’m like, cool. More for me🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Yes… unfortunately. Which I think is very silly… add in an extra 0.10-0.15 as if it’s a lot, and it uses another day. It is what it is… for now!

  6. YeahI agree on the Flower! That Miracle Alien cookies 🍪

  7. Klutch has some really good live resin and diamonds with sauce for less than $55/.85 lately. Their rosin is pretty good too for $70 without sale, I liked it much better than AR and firelands.

  8. Have never gotten one seed in any batch I’ve purchased, and I’ve purchased easily 30+ jars of Woodward over the last few years. Dark ashes, A lot of cultivators will package Smalls, poorly trimmed, or even their bigger buds… poorly trimmed… you will usually get some dark ash from those excess leaves… unless you redo their job and separate that from what you’re putting in the spliff. You will eventually find something like that with every cultivator. I’ve had dried out Klutch far too many times, even after checking batch dates to make sure of recent harvest and package date…harsh. Love Galenas as well, too many times they’re so poorly trimmed, I shouldn’t have to buy an artifact to get a mediocre hand-trim? In addition, some Farkas is outstanding. Then you could go to the next strain from them and be unimpressed to say the least, mild to no taste, lackluster terpene production. While saying all of that, there’s still a few strains from each that are consistent and upper tier quality. Not saying Woodward is the best by any means. I’ll leave that to the peanut gallery to argue which cultivator harvests and packages the best Cannabis. 🐸☕️

  9. I don't even mind finding a seed if the seed is mature and of use to me. I don't mind a poor trim job if the flower is good. I don't mind buying dried out flower because I can rehydrate it with boveda and cvault. I can't really justify the larf I bought. I'm really not that hard to please, I was originally satisfied with my purchase, however after 2 days, I've decided that they've fucked this batch up . I didn't want it to be a complaint on them but it is what it is. Buyer beware, ya know? I just like to share my experiences to help others make a more informed decision. Bud was really poor, honestly.

  10. Also, Le Crinkle is the one strain from them I’m least likely to buy… Animal Face, Animal Mints, or Blueberry Cheescake👍

  11. Tbh I can’t justify any of those (regardless if the people in the grow facilities make enough money or not), I’ve just had the chance to see…it’s bound to happen at least once with every cultivator, unfortunately, and some, consistently miss the mark. I don’t disagree that immature flower is unacceptable. It’s just that your first experience with them is an extremely small representation of their quality. Unlucky. But, thanks for posting the evidence, these companies that make crazy amounts of money don’t deserve to have their flaws and mistakes hidden, great review nonetheless. 😁

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