1. Love my O43 but SLH gives me a nice headband effect and overall happy vs energy.

  2. I've tried the grapefruit when my brother had it. It was ok in the effects Department but it didn't have much flavor imo. I did see amplify had half oz of this for $90 today , and being 20% off on top of that . If I wasn't fixed dreamily well-stocked I would have jumped on it for the price.

  3. The cake was good and tasty. Really sweet frosting like flavor. Effects had me relaxed and happy. Im sucker for the lime sherbet tho

  4. It isn't a win. It gives them 18 months to come up with some New Jersey like legalization right before November 2023. That is how we go the shitty medical program we have. Also 2023 is an off year so less voters which means it might not pass at all. Not to mention they still have to get 100k signatures in a month or two next summer. Also keeps a lot of voters home who would have voted against Republicans in 2022.

  5. Yes this is all BS, but this is the best thing that could have happened. This is now legally binding by the courts that they have to take up the issue next January, and if legislation doesn’t, then the coalition can use the already collected 135k+ signatures to use toward the November ballet initiative. Its win if you ask me. Just a wait unfortunately

  6. BFE honey hits so hard. I have tried every other brand so far and keep going back to BFE honey. Just so sedative

  7. Thats bold of you to say my statement is crazy. You have no respect for medical patients and our experiences, how much do they pay you to troll on behalf of the cannabis producers to shut down dissent of their products online? shame on you!

  8. Im a patient myself. And yes i stand by my statement because i wasnt calling YOU crazy. Im saying it would be CRAZY if that were the case (thin oil)! Sorry it came off differently. You couldnt be more wrong about my care for others and patients none the less having been a paramedic for many surrounding areas in ohio and other states before my card. None the less, im still very interested in what was wrong with the vape. Actually intrigued, not berating like you think.

  9. i just tried creating a new thread to upload my video showing the Whip It pod's viscosity but it says that videos posts arent allowed in this community😤😤😤😤🤬

  10. Reddit can be super confusing and frustrating when uploading stuff, thats forsure!

  11. It's a Nug Smasher.. I'm guessing the mini...

  12. As long as you don’t have a landlord, aren’t selling, and don’t live within 500 feet of a school, nobody’s gonna know/care if you have a few plants in your closet legal or not lmao

  13. Yup, i currently have two White widow autos going. There are eeeehemmm hemp.. 😂

  14. That dr solomons THC rich is ALWAYS in stock at my house. Works amazing on my back. It is truly the only Transdermal lotion out there. The rest are topical. Huge difference in full systemic relief compared to localized.

  15. Orange 43 Live Resin Cart, Tiki Kiwi, Lemon shushee by klutch. Or any of those buckeye relief live resin! I am a luster person myself since i got my card in 2019 but ill occasionally get a 510 when they dont have my strain in a luster. Klutch is my go to but Grow ohio’s triple crown, SLH and triple choco chip is great too!!

  16. I deff need to try Grow Ohio’s Lemon G! I miss klutch’s lemon G. Probably why i love their lemon slushee! Lemon G x Grape pie 👌

  17. Klutch Lemonada LR Luster sucks, imo. It doesn’t have much taste, very minor effects for klutch being “top end” oil was amber in color which is fine, but it wasn’t thick like others I’ve had from Grow Ohio LR(SLH is 🔥 but last pod was separated like rosin), BR LR, or even Pure Ohios “full spec” all better imo, in that order.

  18. Incorrect. Klutch is privately owned and klutch is licensed to make and sell kiva/camino

  19. Amplify on coventry today through sunday. 10/20/30 off klutch luster pods.

  20. Effects: Feeling uplifted but pain relief is at almost null. Surprisingly the myrcene is not keeping me down. If anything its providing a nice relaxation of my mind and anxiety.

  21. This is laughable tho.. the sherbhead coming out right now is the best ive ever seen klutch grow

  22. They do not need to sell to a dispo. Infact, now that they are going to have their own dispos, i will not be surprised if and when they stop selling to certain dispos that oversell the price they told them to sell the product at.

  23. Absolutely love this stuff. OCL? If so, Watermelon cake, banana puddentain and Larry cake is amazing by them as well

  24. Love this motorbreath Josh D. And for lusters I cannot get over the Heatlocker x Pineapple Pz live resin Pod. Flavor is something else man. Like skittles that packs a punch

  25. As someone that works in the industry I try to make myself available for any and all questions about the work I do. No judgement here, all love. :)

  26. Where do you work if you dont mind me asking? You dont have to say :)

  27. Troll them back. Reddit IS tide pod generation peoples place to "talk".

  28. Bought this yesterday. Unfortunately was let down. Terp profile matches exactly Josh Ds OG and they both have no smell or taste im unsure of how everyone keeps posting these crazy reviews of it. I am starting to think I got a completely different batch

  29. That has got to be a weird batch man. As soon as that seal popped, straight gas. My wife said wtf is that 3 seconds later from across the room 😂

  30. Mean no disrepect at all. Just telling you how it really is. Two different mothers.

  31. Neither.. its the same board of pharmacy that governs and provides SOPs for the hospital and medical system. They work for Ohio as a regulatory board.

  32. Dont let it scare you. All about the process. Ive had some lighter lusters from other companies that burned too quick or as if it was alot of terps over oil. I used to think the same of klutch until about a year ago the oil produced was darker but man, straight 🔥

  33. Sooo....motorbreath is generally very myrcene dominant, and here we are again with Klutch and their "cannabis derived" terps. Its very odd that it would be that high in limonene. Unless ofcourse they were buying terps to alter flavor. But if it gets the job done and tastes great does it really make a difference

  34. They deff do not buy terps. All own strain derived. And every harvest is different, Very different. Youll see some strains have completely different levels of terps change throughout the harvests. Tend to wash differently too. I am very curious how these josh d strains are this time around.

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