1. How’s that corny I’m jus saying u literally can’t win cus carti fans always think there right

  2. A lot of 14-17 year olds but great energy during the sets

  3. he seems like a fun guy to be around but clearly keeps his circle small. i dont think there’s enough public info on trav’s candid personality to judge. but from what we do know, i appreciate and admire his obvious passion for music, performing, and his fans.

  4. From his doc he seems like a hardworking ambitious guy but he also seems like he gets angry at things quickly and if he doesn’t get his way

  5. Wick Thinks it’s funny till he has a bad crash and something real bad happens

  6. Nobody is rooting for that but he needs to chill this is the 4th vehicle

  7. Igy not only is it disrespectful af and he’s just wasting money cus he most definitely will have to pay up but crashing cars is dangerous af

  8. I posted this and I got downvoted to a oblivion

  9. 90% chance it’s mid the only good celebrity weed is Lil baby and Joey Diaz so far

  10. bro his voice is the same and on everything if he wanted to he could make it again he would just use the accent he used then lol

  11. What a absolute flop of a album I really feel bad for luh rino

  12. this relationship was fucking insane bruh😭😭

  13. Oh bro if u new to SUMMRS u got a lot of music to explore I’m jealous of u wish I could hear him for the first time again

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