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  1. It really doesn’t matter what he says at this point , everyone has their mind made up that he’s an evil grifter and everything he says and does is bad. “BUT THE LITTER BOX STORYYYY!!!!” He already fuckin said he got played on that so fuckin get over it already. quit being a bunch of douchebags and just go start an anti joe Rogan sub Reddit so the rest of us can go back to discussing shit like ancient civilizations , MMA, Comedy , and recreational drugs.

  2. Millions agree with you. This sub is just the very vocal minority who happen to listen to every single podcast..

  3. Post a pic from a 180. That can’t be more than a 60. If you get sweaty palms from a 60 you should probably find new work.

  4. Until Trump is actually charged with anything- I'd be happy never seeing another article about it.

  5. Right. How many times have we seen this click bait nonsense! The closest they were ever going to come was the classified documents. Thanks for fucking that up Joe. Like him or not the nickname Teflon Don seems to hold up.

  6. But this time he won't get coverage from any media, so it might not be anything more than an embarassing moment.

  7. He will absolutely get media coverage! If you don’t think CNN (and every other mainstream media outlet) can’t wait for big orange to be up on the stage again ya crazy. And you know late night tv is chompin even harder!

  8. It has varied over the years but as of now I don’t accept tips and I never got much when I did (I’ve never had a tip jar, people would just hand me money), and I do accept ingredient donations but prefer not because I have a pretty good formula for how much I need every week and the quality of ingredients I like. One of the reasons I quit for a bit was it had blown up in to a party every week and was stressing me out. I really just wanted to feed folks that needed it in my neighborhood before and during the pandemic in a safe outdoor location. I try and discourage folks from staying too long or coming every week as it gives me time and space to meet new folks in my neighborhood and get to know them and hear their stories. It was all just too much and folks who needed my attention to listen to them and serve them were getting lost in the cacophony so to speak. As for cost I pay for everything and it’s about $70/week. I buy 50 pound sacks of antimo caputo typo 00 for $60 on Amazon and everything else from aldis. I’m single with no kids (I would love if that weren’t the case) but I make a good living and it’s like a prayer to the world every week for me. Ingredient list is peppers, mushrooms, black olives, onions, prosciutto, salami, Italian blend and mozzarella blend cheese shredded, and crushed tomatoes for the sauce. I start the poolish on Friday night and go from there. I cut and harvest my own firewood from the local parks departments as I have friends who are rangers and let me know when some cherry is available.

  9. Confidence comes w mat time. Go to all the open mats you can. Any local wrestling clubs you can visit ? Wrestling bigger, stronger , more experienced kids will benefit you more than them!

  10. Near perfect for my liking! Those who know , know. For those that don’t just dim that lights.

  11. Wish you had as well. My favorite thing ever is watching videos these morons running each other over, crashing into each other and hurting each other and themselves.

  12. There is a problem with ignorant white people in this sub.

  13. Every comment on your profile is a single sentence. You literally have nothing to contribute but fluff.

  14. Yes, you should learn from this. But thanks for driving his fan base! This is after all a Rogan sub. Grazi! Shit that was 3 sentences. Better add a bunch of shit that doesn’t matter

  15. ok, now go away. I don't want to interact with you because you will never say anything worth paying attention to, we're trying to talk about primitive tech here. Don't know what you expected to get out of this...lame.

  16. I expected nothing and got nothing. Keep up the good work, you anti Rogan agenda is doing wonders.

  17. Watch his podcast w Neil Brennan. He talks about Howard going “woke” and how Howard was “absolutely wrong about the future of podcasts”. Rogan definitely isn’t the type to go all in on someone but if you don’t think he’s wiping Howard of millions of listeners and doesn’t enjoy it I would disagree.

  18. Oh no he called Howard woke! How can someone ever recover from such a serious insult.

  19. Well considering what Howard used to be it’s more about losing touch with his listeners. As is evident by everything i see on

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