1. When first playing I thought Genichiro was gonna turn into Shura. Ya know, the whole red eyes thing, killing a shit ton of people, lust for power, all that Shura stuff. Surprised he didn’t

  2. The country is too big to generalize as “a bad place” or “a good place” to live. It’s both

  3. If on school grounds, kill immediately. We can’t risk the lives of other kids

  4. The Tarnished only made it as far as he did, because he's immortal and can't stay dead. If the DB only needs to put him down once, he wins. If not, then i guess the Tarnished wins with enough persistence.

  5. So did the Dragonborn tho, pretty much every video game has respawning

  6. Alr I’m going through this too rn. What I like to do when I’m just scrolling TikTok or Reddit for hours on end and a little part of me is like “Hey you should workout” then I use that tiny bit of motivation to turn off my phone and just stare at the blank screen for a few seconds. In that moment I have a realization that I can’t really describe but it gets me to get up and do what I want to do

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