1. EC models have different security, due to the fact they are usually only sold to Staples or Office Depot.

  2. They’re sold to SMBs FAR more often than they are sold to Staples or Office Depot. ANY Xerox can be used with other gear to accept payment. Hence the foreign device interface.

  3. Same, I remember Greene being a favorite of mine, not so much now. Also I have read that Weaver grows on you and that when you are older, you Like her more. Not yet for me. But who knows.

  4. This show inspired me to become a physician. I’ve rewatched several times over the years, and while she does have her moments, Kerry is overall pretty horrible. Mark is definitely flawed, but overall is an excellent doctor.

  5. Fuck that clown hair kid. That piece of shit is currently at his peak and in the prime of his life. I hope that piece of shit is ready for his life of mediocrity.

  6. Water boils at a lower temperature at high altitudes. So boiling water is no longer necessarily warm enough to kill becteria(example) despite the water boiling.

  7. Yes, I know. That’s why I was agreeing with the Redditor above me. Heat it until it boils and then sustain that boil for 3 plus minutes. Then you don’t have to worry about giardia or anything else.

  8. Over boiling could lead to excess evaporation and loss of water? Idk. Is boiling snow common?

  9. It is when I go winter camping. I carry water in a 32oz Nalgene bottle, but once I setup camp I use snow.

  10. They serve warrants and stuff like that, which…. I thought was the sheriffs job. Don’t even get me started on city Marshall’s

  11. I’m surprised it survived. A lot of conjoined twins don’t do well in captivity let alone the wild.

  12. They are one of my favorite freshwater fish to eat down here besides peacock bass.

  13. I feel like Oscars have less of a fillet than a similar size cichlid, but yes very delicious.

  14. In the USA you can't release them because they're invasive. So, eat 'em up!

  15. Guessing from the way that snakehead looks, and the jungle around him, I’m gonna guess he’s not in the US.

  16. I find it hard to relate to this storyline, not because I don’t have a difficult relationship with my father, but because Mark’s choice to NOT put him in a care facility and insist on taking care of him in his small apartment is just something i’d never do, especially when the father is asking not to be there.

  17. I get what you’re saying, but his reason for not wanting to be there had more to do with not wanting to be a burden to Mark, not that he didn’t like being there. I think it ended up being a good thing, though.

  18. Fuck that. Had that been my kid that dude would be a professional wheelchair sitter after that! What an asshole!

  19. Three on 1 and the moron holding the camera has the nerve to call the 1 guy a pussy 🙄.

  20. I’d love too watch good dogs run him up a tree and then walk away. Genetically he’s exactly what you want to see in future generations.

  21. Go to a Red Wing Shoe Store and get fitted. Buy a GOOD pair of work shoes with non-slip soles. Do NOT wear a tennis shoe/cross trainer type shoe. Those are made for high impact activity over a SHORT period of time. You want something specifically designed for being on concrete all day. Something supportive.

  22. A different antibiotic. There are a lot of different kinds.

  23. I changed it! I needed to add a “the” for it to make sense. Thanks!

  24. Despise that episode, especially Susan and Abby laughing at Carter "losing his virginity" at 11 years old to a grown woman, instead of finding it disturbing. Susan was just awful the whole episode.

  25. I actually liked that episode. Goran Višnjić had some excellently acted scenes here. Especially when he recited Hamlet in Croatian, and when he talked about losing HIS virginity. He’s a great actor. They didn’t do enough with him.

  26. Almost all REAL street fights are going to go to the ground at some point.

  27. Which like, isn’t necessarily wrong. Shouldn’t he have the right to get high and not have a home?

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