1. Ye to kuch nhi hai mujhe to ip ban karwa diya inhone ye 9va acc hai kabhi bhi jaa sakta hai

  2. Mujhse bura koi nhi hoga (the most she can do is to report fake rape allegations)

  3. Yes it is a ruptured muscle which is unable to heal itself . Its ironic how come imperfection makes people look good

  4. मुझे तो एवरेज गर्ल के लिए दहेज देना पड़ेगा

  5. These clips were obviously a need……Most of them are over reacting on the news just because it took place in India

  6. Agr meme banane ki jagah doosro ko troll karna हस्थमैथुन hota to is subreddit ke logo ko sabse zyada ओर्गास्म aata

  7. Access to surgery is impossible...if someone is getting less trolled in the most racist country by taking the name of god that also in a rural India....then it's ok I think...Mutation is obviously a miracle in the terms of god....better to keep both the cases separate

  8. Life is total lie and full of fake people except your family.....(Not only in humans but for every living being) It doesn't matter how much we succeed in our lives..at the end...we all have to go at a particular place....We are nothing infront of this massive universe...

  9. Kisne bola saiman himself is a Marathi hindu

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