1. Why would her comments that you have a flat chest be out of concern? Is there some healt issues regarding flat chests that I don't know about? 😅 If anything, your comment was out of concern. A stuffed nose is unpleasant 😆 I wanna say NTA, but I wonder what kind of scene did you cause after being asked to leave? Seems like there's more to the story here. If you caused a scene and destroyed that kid's bd party because you're annoyed with the SIL, then yeah that's not nice towards the kid. But you're NTA for what you said to the SIL.

  2. Why? She's never going to see this person again and has signed no contracts. There's nothing 'fair' about dating.

  3. Venmo me $50, I'll pay you back next week stranger, I swear. Bunchof rubes.

  4. If we match on Tinder, and talk for like a week or two, I can buy tickets to some show for us 😏

  5. Not the most misused perhaps, but the word decadent/decadence came to mind. Not sure if it's true in the english languague, but in Sweden I've noticed it's being used as a synonym for luxury/overflow of luxury, in a positive sense. I recently saw in a magazine, something like: "The 10 most decadent cakes for your new year's eve party". Which is not the meaning of the word..

  6. Tell her "I need reddit to come up with messages for me so don't be shocked when I am nothing like this during our date"

  7. This. Why try to be witty if you're not 😅 you can't have Reddit writing your lines forever..

  8. I'm not a lip reader but I think Shanahan might have not been happy.

  9. I got some grumpy congrats from the others and the chance to brag on Reddit 😆👑

  10. At least she video called though. Most women 2023 edit photos. Media is to blame and other women. I think she should've had a few real ones & then fine have edited ones but there is a lack of honesty posting all edits for sure. You have a right to break things off even if there was no reason 💖

  11. You don't even have to edit your photos: angles, MU and good lighting can do wonders 😉

  12. Sounds strange that she won't make an effort to incorporate a dandelion in some way.. If my future husband wanted something in the wedding in honor of his dying mother, I would do it without blinking.

  13. You can't force yourself to be attracted to someone when you're not. If you liked her personality and felt that you hit it off, you could give it a shot and see if the physical attraction grows or not 🤷‍♀️ But I wouldn't say you're an AH if you stop talking to her after seeing more of her looks and not feeling the attraction. Just like you're not an AH if you get to know someone and don't like their personality and therefore stop talking to them. You're dating to find someone you like whom likes you back, and so is she.

  14. Just a wild guess of your Name/Alias of someone I knew long ago (maybe 5-10 years ago actually) but haven’t seen or heard from since she got married.

  15. Yeah, not me. And she's my doppelganger or something? Do I have a twin out there?

  16. Dalvin Cook. Don't regret it though, since I chose Henry instead. But Cook looks a lot better than I expected. Same goes for Ekeler.

  17. Because he didn't want someone almost sitting on his head, with his crotch, so he couldn't stand up?

  18. Let’s get this bitch to OT!!!

  19. Of course I have to face the Hurts-Sanders combo today when my team is underperforming.

  20. Ouch. At least it won't knock me out of playoff contention but it hurts my chance at a better seed in the playoffs.

  21. Have Jamaal and Saquon and they both haven’t scored a single point in the 2nd half… yikes.

  22. I feel sick knowing I chose Seattle D over Cleveland D

  23. I'm a bit torn here. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask your adult child to pay for some of the costs, and she seems to be earning enough to afford it. When I was 24 I payed more than that to go on a vacation with my mom, her husband and one of my brothers. Even though I was a student, working part time, I saved up so I could afford it and I chose to join them on the trip. You're even giving her the option to split up the payments. So if she has the money, but doesn't want to spend it on this family trip, then that's her choice.

  24. He went to Harvard so you know his parents are rich.

  25. https://igotstandardsbro.com

  26. Never seen that one! 😂 According to that I'm 2/5 on the delusional score "Down to earth" and have a 18.5 % probability to find my dream man in the US in the age range of 29-39. Too bad I'm not searching in the US.. but maybe it's even higher here in Sweden 😆

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