1. The difference is that standard soldiers are trained to fight normally, while Colony 0 is exclusively trained to fight using their Ferron units

  2. Yes. It's clear her and cammaravi have fought over and over, just as powerful each time, probably for hundreds or thousands of years.

  3. This guy is a piece of human trash, but the truck driver was probably worse.

  4. The entire game is the massive orgy that was Mio and her siblings' conception.

  5. Most of Asia eats cartilage regularly in certain dishes

  6. There exists a time limit on the bridge even if you haven't broken any eggs. I haven't broken any either, so unfortunately I have to deal with the time limit... I heard that the more eggs you break, the shorter the time to cross is, so thank you

  7. I know you can cross with using no stamina, but the person I saw barely made it by walking as fast as possible with the lowest equip load. I think it's impossible.

  8. Dark Souls and Demons souls are definitely far easier to be broken. Remember rivers of blood is at the final area of the game, and mimic tear is near the end of the underground areas. You can just stumble upon a black knight weapon in the first minutes of ds1, kill the gargoyles in 3 hits, and proceed to steamroll through everything.

  9. Anything except dual affinity weapons has viable damage in ds3 imo

  10. By viable here, in the context of the post, I mean optimal. All weapons are viable in all games.

  11. Windbomb is the easiest and most useful to pull off, but BTB's are definitely the coolest.

  12. I'm almost certain they are pronounced "boh-koblin" (top answer) in the voice acting, but that doesn't mean you can't say it a different way.

  13. All soulsborne games are stunning, play the trilogy in order. Just play ds1 until you can afford ds2.

  14. Scum is torturing and raping a child on the daily. I don't think anyone would be mad if the reporter just brought him on to slaughter him live on TV.

  15. Saulden gives you by far the most help, and has the most dialogue of any of them.

  16. I think that rex probably doesn't have any sons, but thats just my head canon.

  17. Given that there are 3 children, and the gender of a child is always exactly 50/50, he probably has at least one son.

  18. Except the prime games have the most meat out of any of the games and they take place before 2.

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