Persona 5 royal okumura boss

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  1. Fuck everything about that boss fight! after 2hrs, 4 tries and summoning a Lvl 80 Dlc persona i STILL didn’t make it because i had no SP items. On 6th try i finally beat it and after saving the game i closed my xbox and just sat there.. still mad..

  2. Oh my God I came on here to get some legit information from like minded gamers that are more intelligent than me and all I fucking see is no. Stop dribble about if the apartment is Judy’s apartment just no stop …. Are fucking serious . Like we can’t even get past the smallest shot anymore without having a major fucking debate about it good God guys get off of it who gives a shit!!!!! Fuck yes it’s her apartment let’s move the fuck on

  3. Are u datin that girl from ”Grudge” by any chance?

  4. Are you dating the girl from ”Grudge” by any chance?

  5. Just realized that it's a arbiter easter egg :D anyone know if there's more to it?

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