1. I’ll know I’m truly irretrievable when I turn my head and walk off screen.

  2. holy moly, this artist is amazing, anyone have his instagram or twitter?

  3. Nah, links I posted are the only ones I could find.

  4. The date for this piece is November 8, 2019. That video is from 2022. Checked the description of the video, and no artist credit in there either. Seems like they're just using the art as a cover.

  5. So the original was upscaled by me, then downscaled to meet the sub resolution requirements.

  6. why does the source have it in 1920x960 and your image is in 5760x2880? do i have to sign in to get it in original quality or something?

  7. I upscaled it with Topaz Gigapixel AI.

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