1. That's what those things are? Jesus christ I see them all the time coming out of my place. I'm new to the city and I just assumed they were just the local insect life. Why are they so bad? Not that I feel bad for them, I'm just curious.

  2. The Gigabyte z690i aorus board is around 150 right now. Only thing is that the PCIE lanes are limited to 3.0 for the GPU but the PCIE lanes for SSDS are still at 4.0.

  3. Out of interest when a guy can’t get it up…what is the main cause? Speaking for myself I had two guys struggling at times and it made me feel crap… they said it’s because the smoke weed but I’m curious if they were saving my feelings.

  4. From my experience, too much alcohol or drugs like coke. It's never happened to me due to weed though, but I wasn't a very heavy pot smoker when I used to do it. Sometimes its just the anxiety of landing a hot girl.

  5. That too, but if they really wanted you to buy from new egg then it wouldn't expire so fast

  6. Not sure I understand sorry. In my orientation, if there is any air in the AIO it will gather at the top of the radiator (the highest point in the system) and not at the CPU block/pump.

  7. That's always been my question with this case because everywhere I search, people always say to have the tubes going into the radiator at the top instead of the bottom. But you cleared up my confusion, you just have to make sure the pump isn't the highest point in the system.

  8. This is the most infuriating thing I've ever watched

  9. True, but you've also got to also find a place to safely get rid of the oil.

  10. I flashed my T-Mobile variant to the International version. Voice over WiFi and voice over LTE still work

  11. Have you updated it to Android 10? Cause I've heard there are issues with it, but I'm not sure if they've been ironed out since it has been several months since android 10 came to the 7 pro. I'm still on Android 9 since that's what the T-Mobile version comes with.

  12. What phone do you have? I just bought a 7 Pro from T-Mobile and I'd been debating whether I should update to Android 10. My 6T became useless after I updated. I basically had no cell signal and couldn't use 4G/LTE.

  13. I also made one! I actually found the stem to be the hardest part. It's really difficult to make something by hand that looks "organic"? So that it doesn't look too perfect, i guess. That's why I love the stem from this mushroom. Even though it goes up diagonally, it looks natural.

  14. How much would the Striker Crimson Apex wheels be worth?

  15. Yeah, I try to jump into training but it gets tedious. Been finding myself getting out of my comfort zone if I'm feeling good about the match or if I know I'm going to lose. Then I just go 100% out of my comfort zone and try new things.

  16. I'm the same. Once I start losing a match by a large margin, I just stop caring and start going for crazy plays. Most of the time I mess up and look silly, but the few times that it works out it makes me feel like a god.

  17. What are the wheels Kronovi has on at 7:02? The ones with that blue/teal line on the tread?

  18. I was having this issue recently (like 2 days ago). I tried everything. I even went to the Xbox App to see if I could navigate the screen with the controller without any phantom touches registering on the buttons and it worked perfectly. That let me know it was isolated to Rocket League.

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