1. I just picked some of this up and I think it's great! Not the most flavor, but it smells nice and it's got a great buzz!!

  2. thanks for this found a half for like 80 dollars gonna grab it lol

  3. Yea that’s the one thing that’s making me not want to get it lol it’s sooooo cheap! I know this is a old post but just getting ready to try it.. possibly?

  4. Common issue with pods they leak when sitting outside of battery 🔋

  5. The way I'm reading this, they always could. If the underlined is new and the crossed out is old, all they really did was change some verbiage. They crammed all of the crossed out part into the new sentence at the end.

  6. No more hearings they can just take your card if they want that's what they crossed out was our chance to fight to keep our cards . This came out in the monthly news letter they send there is more this the worst for patients. They also did some stuff to make it hard on dispensary employees as well .

  7. Yeah, I got the email, and I read it. The "Suspension of a patient or caregiver registration without a hearing" section was amended; it wasn't new. It's always been in there.

  8. They will no longer go over the allegations and take a vote . It just seems like they are making it easier to remove patients from program . It's worse we never protested the no hearing rule . I understand what you are saying.

  9. Been put sleep 50x always tell them I use cannabis I have medical cannabis card . Just don't use 12 hours b4.

  10. Pax 3 handles concentrates with no problems and a lot easier to clean then a puffco ..I have a water adapter for my pax to work with any quality water bong . The pax videos are the most watched videos on my channel which surprised me so I am very interested to see what will happen when I do more puffco videos . Pax 2 was designed as a dry herb vaporizer pax 3 was designed to do both and it gets a little hotter than pax 2 . Pax offers a 10 year warranty which they have stood by . All other devices offers 3 years or less including puffco and even though you can replace parts that's still at a user expense. I told pax my power button was hard to press down on and they send me a new pax and told me to keep the old one . I never had to sit on hold or anything it was on done by email.. I like puffco has the water filtration but I am so worried it will break. I break a bong like once every 10 years 🤣 .

  11. I'm glad you pre-populated some of the hot button issues because many of my program complaints come at the time of an issue and then I forget about 'em. I'm talking about lack of required product labeling for terpenes, impossible to open concentrate containers, ill-informed budtenders giving my patients shit medical advice, etc...

  12. Filled out the survey but could only select one topic out of the many shown. I chose lab results and testing because we need objective testing and more labs.

  13. The goal is to focus the most important topic rather choosing several . Thank you for completing the survey.

  14. If you can not attend you can still get a 70s shirt on my site we have sizes up 5x and free shipping on all orders. Tickets will be sold at the door . If you are a veteran or cancer patient please choose the free tickets. We will have a check in table we will verify ID for security reasons.

  15. The 420th person will get a free speedway gas card the 1000k person will get a speedway gas card . We get 2000 I will the 2000 person a 25 dollar visa gift card . Goal to get llcs in meeting with patients No drama Patients focused topics Virtual or in person Llcs will be able to provide information specific to their companies . We will also record it so people can rewatch it . No money is involved Anyone interested can participate in the survey or the townhall . I don't have a location yet it will likely be in Columbus.

  16. Hey I will send this post the last employee I know at certified everyone else I knew there left

  17. Strawberry fields has a better deal 85 for buds 70 for minis before any discounts

  18. Here are a few just in one machine asteroids tetris, tron, centipede missile command xmen street fighter

  19. Excellent question these are arcade games think retro like pac Mac man there is also a play station and a Xbox plus pool tables .I will post some pictures of the venue soon . You can see the games listed on each machine

  20. Everything is back to normal. I went there today and noticed that someone had smashed a window to get in because it was boarded up. I wonder if he was disgruntled about the prices and changed them hahahaha

  21. I guess I didn't see the prices before what I see now is still extremely lower compared to Columbus.

  22. You even have the garlic cookie tins no one around here has those not paying 240 for no half though lol

  23. Ohio Cannabis Live will be hosting a event where people can enroll in the program with the doctors fee wavied . And this would be virtually for those who can't travel I am working with more than one company that already agreed to do this . My mission now is to find out how many people would be interested.

  24. I'd be interested. I'm looking at enrolling for the first time.

  25. That's awesome I am looking forward to helping you on your journey.

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