1. Sarah needs to shut the fuck up.

  2. Is it an advanced copy? I’ve gotten a few of those.

  3. Air B&B are not the government so they can do this all they want. And I agree.

  4. What a stupid fucker. When’s the last time Trump flew commercial?!

  5. Not everyone is made for that or want to do that. We still need doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, architects, etc.

  6. I mean, I’ve never seen that at all. 😢

  7. And those European settlers had slaves. What is so hard to understand?

  8. Screaming Trees, Soundgarden, Hole, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Presidents of the United States, Silverchair, the Crow soundtrack….I lived it and still love it

  9. “Hey ho how ya doing, where ya been? Probably doing ho stuff cause there you ho again” Ludacris

  10. Oh, last I saw this is was teachers protesting. Still nothing like Jan 6. No ones breaking into offices, fighting with police or building a gallows.

  11. I graduated from a PG county school. Had I not had my first 2 years at another school, I would have learned nothing in high school. My junior and senior years were ridiculous.

  12. Just so people realize AMC did this, so people subscribe to their Stubs A List subscription, it’s honestly a great deal and for $20 a month you get unlimited movies.

  13. If there was anything worth going to see, I’d be all for it.

  14. The schedule is stacked with blockbusters from April on

  15. It’s early February. So there’s not much to see.

  16. Nirvana. I was super grunge bank in the day, but I never liked Nirvana.

  17. Yeah, it’s required by the state. Mine was helpful though. You may want to ask for a new one if possible. Or suck it up with her but find an unofficial mentor in someone you mesh well with.

  18. Don’t. It’s a creepy as fuck thing to do.

  19. No decorum. No manners. Are we surprised?

  20. How did I not know that fucker was a teacher?! Cs get degrees I guess. And he obviously was a shitty teacher.

  21. In the Living Years- Mike and the Mechanics

  22. Daycares often have school ages programs in the summer they need staff for. Day-camps and other programs would be hiring as well.

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