1. If you haven't noticed, it appears that 95% of 4Runner owners seem to prefer these or BFG KO2s

  2. I have this in my barracks room. Got some legos sitting on it right now

  3. When I was looking for a light for my 365XL, I was looking at that before I found the TLR 7 sub and ended up getting the 7. I just hated how you had to change the battery on the 6.

  4. Well fuck half the girls on there have these in their bio: Not on here much, hmu on IG IG- (insert username) 📸blah blah blah

  5. I'm a 13M and we aren't really doing a whole lot of anything that would injure you in any way. Unless you get a PSG that likes running. In which case you may get shin splints. Luckily my PSG hates running

  6. I got an AR556 MPR (very similar to the one pictured but 18" and had full top rail and MOE SL stock) very shortly after they were released (about 2016?) for 600+ tax. Interpret that how you will

  7. Hang out spots! It was expected teenage behavior for the 80's and 90's

  8. Facts. In HS me n my friends would go to the mall just about every weekend. Last time I was home in the summer I went there, ghost town. Can't believe its still open

  9. I'm not a hunter, but I don't think that's a typical spot to aim

  10. Seems reasonable for a 07 5th gen FJ Runner with 300k

  11. Dude, my barracks alarm goes off like 3-4 times a week. Nobody even acknowledges it anymore. The fire fighters are annoyed of coming over here for nothing, as well as them and SGM getting pissed nobody is going outside for it. Pretty sure its intentional at this point

  12. 23... this last March. I can't believe I ever paid people to do it for me

  13. Precisely why I haven't sent a pp pic in years

  14. That's a rookie credit line. Gotta bump that up to 8k

  15. I've always been super skinny my whole life. I'm 6' 1" and In February/March 2019 I was 139.8lbs before I left for the army. Now I'm right around 168 or so

  16. I shit you not, we don't have any command pictures in our barracks

  17. First off...why do you let an unknown sweaty person in without first checking his ID?

  18. I'm on the 2nd floor, he in the first floor with CQ being right at the enterance.

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