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  1. Whether or not it will fly doesn't matter. The fact that it's even still there is an absolute embarrassment. That is a simple fact all of us can agree on. Nothing political. One word, embarrassing.

  2. BE flower in general has greatly improved. If you like Kush their Sunshine Kush is tits. SLH has always been a favorite sativa for me.

  3. Dude goes home wondering why he can never break even on a night.

  4. Welcome to reddit where apparently everyone speaks in literal terms. Look up. Something just flew over your head.

  5. My thought is how do these skeezy dumpsters get laid in the first place.

  6. That nyc flow has a boner of a stem on it! Imagine they made up for it with the over weight, enjoy!

  7. Wasn't too bonerific really. Little more than an inch but only .06g. Got the length just not the girth. Gotta have some girth.

  8. I am inspired to find out. Im going to take the bud off and see. With that being said I'm certain I have gained hundreds of dollars in overweighed purchases. They are consistently over. Easy marketing idea. Brings smiles to our faces.

  9. My question is are you drinking all that? I've always wondered if people rationed it somehow. I'd be in space at 50mgs

  10. Currently enjoying Garlic Driver. I think it’s cool they cross known awesome strains together.

  11. Yep. Mine had some good colors. Love when I can find some purple flower. Sunset sherbet made it happen.

  12. I’ve had several different strains from The Botanist. Not a single on disappointed. Garlic Breath, Sundae Sunset, Mob Boss, Strawberry Lemonade…all awesome.

  13. Why wouldn't you? I've done it and I will every time I can.

  14. Men practically get away with rape all the time. Even IF the man is actually punished, the woman is left to deal with the aftermath. If men could get pregnant y’all would be 100% be singing a different tune. Thankfully my tubes are tied, so this isn’t about me. This is about the women who will get pregnant from rape. Who will be PRESSURED into having sex and then abandoned. Women who could literally die in child birth. Men talk a big game saying “close your legs”, “don’t have sex”, and then act like little baby men when women won’t sleep with them. I do agree with the sentiment that EVERY women who doesn’t want to get pregnant or risk it should start boycotting sex. That’s what all the men like you want, right? Just watch, there will be a massive rise in sexual assault. Also, I don’t know why you’re bringing other topics into the conversation, because I’m not going to let it be a scapegoat or distraction from the actual topic at hand. This isn’t about anything other than whether abortion should be something regulated by the states and religion. For example; some people believe all forms of drugs are wrong, including marijuana. Should I be deciding that for you? “A monster like you”, don’t make me fucking laugh. You think abortion is just “getting rid of your mistake”, and that’s the furthest thing from the truth. This is why people who don’t have uteruses shouldn’t be anywhere near decision making regarding them.

  15. Never acted like a baby when I didn't get laid. Find better men. That's silly. Ya I talk a big game because I am responsible for myself. Like you getting your tubes tied. Again I said ok to rape and protecting moms life. Are you happy? No. It went from that to abortions even beyond birth in VA. Sorry. Too late. Just like when people said letting trans boys into girls restrooms was a good idea. Look at the monster that created. Lol you think over turning this law will increase sexual assault. The vast majority already don't get reported right? So what's the difference now? I like that you pretend most abortions aren't done because "I'm not ready" is the reason. That is fact. It is asked when they do it. Sorry I just love creampies. Can you remove this baby now? To compare marijuana to this signifies to me that we should just stop. Terrible example.

  16. So you use only your situations and what you want to compare things to. I can’t justify telling someone what medications and procedures they’re allowed to have with their own bodies. Termination of of pregnancy before it can survive on its own, ie 3rd trimester isn’t a baby. It’s a possibility for life. Just like sperm or eggs.

  17. Marijuana and abortion have never been compared until you opened your guzzler. Good luck to you. Find a good man.

  18. You people know nothing. Want an abortion go to one of the fucked up states that will allow it. You are all idiots. Leave the good states and go to Cali and NY. Better for all.

  19. Unfortunately you will have trial and error to see what you really like. Biggest thing to know is most things beyond flower are quite expensive. That's why I don't buy carts often. Especially with the THC still capped.

  20. Hello we are coming to your planet and we have 10 lizzos with us.

  21. This is why being a man is better. Shit like this never stops.

  22. For real. It’s a big circus for nothing. Literally nothing will come of it. I’m sick of the news acting like any of it matters. The time to act is long past, we are staring down the barrel of another trump presidency and their dog and pony show won’t help us.

  23. Why do you think the country is caving in right now? Real question. Wasn't like this during the worst of times with everything shutting down. So why is it as soon as all of federal government shifts to democrat hands the country goes to poop?

  24. Because the 2 party system doesn't work when both sides don't want to work together. It's like rep and dem are in a gang war.

  25. Although true it still speaks loudly why our country is in such a bad situation. Dems are more concerned about stripping our rights and getting fucking babies jabbed. Not disagreeing but even with the political gang wars it was not this bad. Not even close under Trump. Hopefully we can all make it through unscathed.

  26. NYC Flo is a perfect 50/50 hybrid for me. I mean prrrrrfect. I just stroked a pussy.

  27. If you are surprised by this then you are an idiot and most likely at fault with Pedo Joe.

  28. Only when this guy opens it two lesbians and a shitty movie fall from the box.

  29. The only time you ever see Klutch terps with two in the double digits.

  30. No idea of this process or the quality of doing it this way. Anyone ever tried a cold press cart?

  31. Have tried 2 and idk if they’re only indica but both I’ve tried were and I was fairly impressed. Taste is great, hit all the way through and they come in a little plastic storage thing for when not using. I’d recommend trying if the price is decent on them

  32. Good to know. I saw a sale .84g for $44. Pretty much the same as most. Might have to try it. Thanks.

  33. Think if they didn't need all the messaging on the box. Back in the day it was skull and crossbones. Now its spelled out and kids will ingest more things than ever.

  34. I don't care what anyone else says.. Buckeye Relief, in my opinion, is the best cultivator we got in Ohio right now.. I think they blow the others away, including Klutch.. They seem to have more awesome strains than Klutch and I think their product is better. Smells better, looks better, taste better, stickier, and gets me so much more baked!

  35. This is true. Especially all around products and value. No way there's better right now.

  36. Honestly I've been super digging Cresco over buckey relief if you haven't gave them a go yet. Try them, best in my opinion specially coming from yellow springs.

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