Thoughts on "Hook" (1991)?

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  1. “It was at that moment that I realized I had made a terrible mistake…”

  2. Yeah, as opposed to stuff grown in a greenhouse or outdoors I suppose. I can say there is a quality difference.

  3. Twinkies are disgusting, yes. But Pop-Tarts are delicious!

  4. I just picked up four new strains from The Standard in these glass jars. I’m assuming these are all grown indoor now. I’ve tried the Alien Starfighter and Platinum Cake already 🔥✈️🫠. Next on deck: Mint Gelato and this Triangle Mintz!

  5. rue overdoses, jules kills herself out of guilt, maddy survives and goes off on her own, cassie gets pregnant and nate repeats his dads cycle with her

  6. I’m loving it. Where do you shop? Bought this at Harvest while leaving Ohio for vacation.

  7. Yours looks better than the Durban Poison I got. Mine was really dark effects were alright.

  8. It was super simple. I adjusted the thing on the back that makes more or less come out and then you click it like a pen. Dispenses from the tip.

  9. Headband is my favorite strain from Standard Wellness. Maybe my favorite in the whole program.

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