1. Ugh thank you for saying that, the person I said it to also told me ‘ It could have been worse. You lived, the baby lived. Be grateful.’ 😔 I am grateful. Just still healing from it all ya know? You’re so kind, thank you again!

  2. This is horrific. Please seek therapy

  3. Sanela acting like me, in 4th grade, giving my bestie the finger across the classroom.

  4. Raja is my all time top favorite drag queen. I remember being obsessed with ANTM when I was 10 and seeing her as the MUA, and then seeing Raja come in to the Werk Room back in S3 I was so happy to see her there! Watching her journey through out the years and always being fantastically and authentically herself, then showing us again how she has and always will be ✨that bitch✨ on her time with S7 really has been such a pleasure. Watching her perform and then talk about her dad and that sweet story when she was a toddler..I was SOBBING. So proud of Raja, she’s the best. 🥹🥰

  5. And look how satisfied it looks too. Just chilling in a boat on a nice day 😆

  6. She was homely looking before, but LEAPS and BOUNDS better than now, Christ

  7. BETTER?! I vaginally delivered two doesn’t look better directly after 😆 took a few months with my first, I only checked once in five months after my second and it looks like it did before but absolutely not better lmao.

  8. I got pregnant at the very end of Oct, and my son is about to turn 12 in two weeks 👀surrogate def pregnant right before the Maralee drama came to light, which makes everything worse, which is hard to even imagine.

  9. how your son age 12 years since october??? help i’m stoned and misinterpreted your comment probably

  10. “Headed to her rental” pls 😭😭😭

  11. He’s been spray tanning and getting contour to look like one. He’s giving very strong light skin energy here.

  12. Obviously Heathers doing. I don’t even like Noella that much but she brought the content. What a bad choice.

  13. Definitely agree with the cheeks, she didn’t need filler at all. Her cheekbones were absolutely fine 🥴She’s only 24 right? That’s wild.

  14. This is like..the most accurate description of anything I’ve seen all week 🤣😆

  15. I was looking at it for a minute or two just like..why? What’s the reason 😩

  16. That’s what I inferred too. I’m pretty sure they removed the sound for the last part of what Brandi said though, but we could all read between the lines.

  17. Exactly, makes sense with what the girls were saying directly after too. What a shit show omg!

  18. Didn't she mean because he was bankrupt? I don't think she went that dark.

  19. She really did go that dark, that’s what she said 😅which isn’t that shocking. Dorinda and Brandi really get vicious when they’re fighting 😩

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