1. I've used Upwork for good python coders and don't have regrets

  2. I'm guessing it'll start with a warning, so you can get away with it until they catch you once.

  3. Right. You mean because, by the letter of the law, if you close a contract and they want to do another job, you again can't meet with them outside of Upwork without a new contract in place? Is that what you mean? Because I was wondering about that

  4. countd(If {Fixed [EmployeeID] : count([salesrecord])} > 1 then [employeeid] end)

  5. Yea, it's just personal experience and am generally curious what OPs major beefs with it are. Tableau became and industry leader because they were there when modern BI basically became a thing and they focused mostly on ease of use in creating awesome visualizations and speed to market... but only if you're data was already in a clean state ready for consumption based on your particular analysis. That's a problem bc database logic just cannot keep up with the ever changing needs of the business - this is why they cross sold with alteryx. Power BIs ability to put database tricks into the hands of "john q analyst" is a big plus.

  6. I'll offer a bit of a Tableau perspective but it's not argumentative just PoV. I mostly agree with what you say and I also train people and say a lot of what you wrote for PBI benefits. And I'll caveat all this by saying I got 3 years of Tableau on me before I picked up PBI so a lot of this is fighting muscle memory.

  7. At a certain point one dashboard has to become many. When you start I agree that you try and get a handful of good charts that show different slices of data into one spot.

  8. I have a friend that learned graphic design on the side and I've paid him to make both my logos. The more recent one I'm a big fan of.

  9. Best part about being a freelancer is saying no...

  10. Eh. I've heard of this happening in the US as well. Onus is on the individual to tell them to fuck off.

  11. Something about how you're aggregating everything is making it great out. The fields gray out as they become unavailable. If you create a brand new connection is Session duration still grayed out then?

  12. US? I can send you a zip code to city CSV I have if you'd like. Or it's available online of you google. Then join it or relationship it now I guess.

  13. I haven't gotten the screen share feature to work ONCE. It would be nice if they tested these things out before making it a rule that you have to use them.

  14. I have a new client who insists on communicating through Upwork and it's honestly not been a problem. I screen share, they screen share. It's been totally adequate. But wasn't the case with this new contact

  15. Other platforms are just as bad, except fiver but that's not for everyone either. Best better is to not use platforms and drum up business in other channels. Ads, SEO, content, networking

  16. I don't run up against this option, but I don't think I'd have any issues with sending an affiliate link or on receiving one (if I was hiring). If they question in you can easily back it up by saying more or less your op, I love it, I recommend it a lot, it's really good, so I signed up for their affiliate program.

  17. It's the N'SYNC of BI tools. Super relevant in the mid 90s and like not at all now.

  18. About the same. I think it's a $2.99 fee from Upwork to PayPal. It's listed in the payment options and the fee is right there

  19. I just couldn't find a job in my area that let me do exactly the work I wanted to. So I made one up.

  20. Any chance you could send me your site address? I am not OP, but I am still interested in seeing what it looks like.

  21. Tableau public. You can create the dashboard and then embed the jframe. I have one on my site if you need an example.

  22. Can I recommend something for you? . If it's available in your country it's SO good. Acts like a us bank account and gives super low currency transfer fees. Without it I was hooked up with PayPal and losing ~3% to conversion and taking 4 days from Upwork to my account. Now it's 24 hours and losing about 0.6%.

  23. I'm building this out for one of my clients right now. They have Excel files on excel files and I'm stiching them together into a database to actually be able to use them at an aggregate level.

  24. Interesting that’s like us, excel files for days... any recommendations?

  25. Put them into a database and then run a viz tool over them. I use PostgreSQL and Tableau respectively

  26. If you have a local chamber of commerce or business network check there. Membership to the chamber of commerce here + paying for their benefits was a better deal than a benefits broker

  27. I think there's still value there but far too many people are taking short cuts in their funnel.

  28. I was supposed to be on the road this past week for training but fortunately it moved online.

  29. The only data source that stays updated in Tableau public is fools sheets. So if you can somehow figure out a way to get your web connected to push the data to google sheets and then point Tableau to sheets you'll be able to get daily refreshes

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