1. Each town storage can only hold 500 unique items. So for example if you tried to hold all your food, arcane, and furniture in the same spot it's more than 500 unique items. So even if you could hold more weight, you'd be capped out.

  2. Those escalators are designed for this stuff. The wheels lock I’ve used them many times at many places.

  3. Not sure how things are done in your country, but in the USA, there are specifically designed escalators that keep the cart level, and locked in place while it descends. Even if the wheels locked, via a RFID chip, you'd still be in danger since the cart is not level with the ground so items could slide off.

  4. Menards is US company. I live here and have used them. I’m genuinely sorry you haven’t seen it all.

  5. So how do these carts work then? Do the wheels lock automatically when you start the escalator?

  6. Going to have to make a post on the official forums and pray it gets fixed. Could get fixed next patch, or next year. Just look at achievements, those have had bugs since launch.

  7. Ignore the other guy. Yes this is paid. You can run the free version but will be pushed to upgrade. I don't feel great with this system and how many battle passes there will be. From what I've seen on ptr, it may take a very long time to finish the battle pass and might not be something you can complete just by playing everyday

  8. You'd easily complete the pass with just 30 minutes of play a day.

  9. Look. I’m all for complaining with a cause. But at the same time. They aren’t making money on cosmetics cause they are trash and the best ones are free. But they gonna need some money somehow to provide better content.

  10. Fresh starts cannot transfer. So they are stuck.

  11. All I want... Is sacred ground to have different color based on what team made it. .. that's all I want

  12. Truly? Please don't mess with me. I'm going to cry.

  13. Enemy AoE will be red and friendly will be blue.

  14. The people thinking they can run full ele aversion and then all onyx are pretty stupid though. Going to get shredded by elemental conversions and spells like ice spike.

  15. So say you didn't run this supposed silly onyx setup you mentioned firstly, what would your ice resistance be otherwise? If it's around 10% I'm having difficulty imagining someone getting completely "shredded" by missing out on 10% resistance to a single ability on a given weapon.

  16. The point is that AGS coding is crap and Ele aversion doesn't apply to everything so using only ele aversion as your magic resistance could hurt. Gems work like the old fortify, so a 10% reduction is 10% less damage taken.

  17. Is it? My staff was at 599 and I got a blue 600 GS staff..

  18. Think he was referring to a random drop. If your 599 the only possible drop is a 600. Not including gypsum casts that love to give out 600 GS blues.

  19. Anyone else getting a disproportionately high number of Swords of the Champion? I know it is supposed to be RNG, but I am rank 99 and have seen Sword of the Champion no less than 12 times. The sword seems to show up much more frequently than other named weapons.

  20. It's all random of course. But I've seen probably 10 champ earring in 115 tracks. But only a few items one time b

  21. https://nwdb.info/db/item/2hbow_charioteersbowt5_v2

  22. When he said dropped items, think he was talking about random dropped items, not the rare exception of named items that break the rules of crafting/random drops.

  23. An account that does not trade or use the market. So everything you have to collect and craft yourself. Want to do 595-600 armoring? Well you better get to collecting all the trophies and gear by yourself. It can make for a very rewarding play through, if that's your thing.

  24. Just like any big patch or meta change you'll see a lot of people rolling gear so prices will rise but then slowly stabilize over the following weeks.

  25. Have a feeling we will see a lot more spears in the meta. With the fortify nerf, weaken is going to be super important.

  26. Perforate on armor is now terrible, that perk died with the nerf recently. Get elemental aversion instead

  27. This. Not only is fortify kinda a meme now, it's even worse with the reduction of fortifying perforate.

  28. It's not maelstrom or whirlwind. It's either whirlwind or charge. Depending on weight class. Heavy bruisers on point use whirlwind to be able to reposition easier.

  29. Just focus on all the things you can gather. Trees, ores, motes, plants, ect.

  30. You could have written any server down...starting a character in NW is a mistake.

  31. Thing is dropping a survivability perk on your shield for a threat increasing perk seems like a tough call when fortify is getting nerfed so hard. Despised is already meta on tanks as it is now. Hated on sword is not and should never be meta. If that is ever the case then tanking is in a really bad state

  32. Blessed is a mandatory perks on LS for healers. Don't see how hated on a sword for a tank is a bad idea or should never happen. It is a perk for a reason.

  33. Maybe cause theres nothing else to do PvPwise besides OPR ?

  34. If 200g, maybe 3x times a day is financially ruining you, I hate to think what consumes you use in war. Are you using t1 gemstone/oakflesh?

  35. Through doing daily activities and playing around 2-3 hours a day you'd hit gold cap within a month. That's 2,500 respecs or around 80 a day. So even if you played 30 mins a day, you'd still be able to respec over 15 times, or every 2 minutes.

  36. Ahh yes. You lose all credibility with the non-edge lords with replies like that.

  37. The gem was not an afterthought. It's so any weapon/armor setup can be a tank if they want to be. It's why next patch they are adding even more taunt compatible abilities.

  38. I run FS/Rapier with fire gem on rapier I can link you to my build/video of use

  39. FS/rapier is not an unconventional build. Both weapons scale with int...

  40. Enfebling Skewer has always been a good perk for both PVP and PVE. Got myself a 2 perker Skewer and Bane for like 2k.

  41. Could see bow doing pretty well on single target bosses that are easy to head shot. Like the last boss in dynasty for example.

  42. Ah did they change it. I haven't played in months.

  43. They moved the 300 strength grit to 300 con instead. Now 300 strength will give 10% more damage on heavy attacks.

  44. Also gutted a bunch of the abilities. Bruisers went from being the main ball to being a support class now.

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