1. I've had people tell me you need to have an auto top off to keep the salinity right.

  2. That's only needed for really small tanks/tanks with very sensitive inhabitants

  3. don’t yall call them like clades now? since the groupings are more complicated than like kingdoms and orders and genuses etc?

  4. A clade is just a general term for a group of species, the term species is still used as it has been.

  5. And it was approved by the ethics committee because the alternative is worse.

  6. Reserve a study room! They’re available all over Paccar hall, business school library, odegaard, etc.

  7. How does one go about reserving a study room?

  8. Why the fuck would you buy premium? Just get ad block! It’s not like the creators get the profits

  9. Creators do get more money from premium users though

  10. University of Washington has a really good marine biology department. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

  11. Sounds like you need to go ahead and get started.

  12. Get started with what? I legit have no clue who this guy is

  13. ive only ever had bettas in 5g with internal filters....these comments are foreign to me. like...where does the water go or how does it work when people have sumps underneath that are half the size of their big 50g+ tank???? what does it do???

  14. The water just flows down to a (sometimes) smaller tank underneath so it can get filtered. Sumps are basically just diy external filters.

  15. Now the real question is what is a protein skimmer😂

  16. Basically a cone with a hole in the top. A pump at the bottom mixes water with air, creating a massive amount of bubbles. Organic material sticks to the bubbles and flows out the top, into a collection cup.

  17. Wizard: "I reverse-wish that I'll die at some time in the future."

  18. That's when the DM sends the party back to the Jurassic and has the wizard get eaten by dinosaurs

  19. That would still be future from the party's point of reference

  20. The only point of reference that matters for wish spells is the DM's

  21. I command thee, deepen thy knowledge of sea spiders, and return to me.

  22. They don't have a respiratory system. Instead, they absorb gasses through their legs and let them diffuse through their bodies. Their latin name, Pycnogonida, means "knobby knees"

  23. Very good, though I wish they could be friends instead of fighting

  24. You may notice that that is in fact factored into this gents calculations, if you look really closely infact.

  25. So marvel comics invented pataphysics? SCP is in SHAMBLES

  26. Could you link the article? I'm having trouble finding it.

  27. RO generally filters out more stuff, but either one should work.

  28. I started binging JoJo recently and haven’t gotten to the part referencing sucking dick yet can someone tell me when it is, I really need an excuse to suck dick this is an urgent matter 🙏

  29. He should have just let Homelander fucking murder his girlfriend instead of trying to protect her 😤😤

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