1. Got it out yesterday! Night was rough. Definitely sore. Ice packs were an absolute godsend. Feeling much better today! Been eating pretty normally, no nausea or bloating. Soreness and pain are definitely still there but slowly going away. And It’s great to feel that the source of the pain that’s been slowly killing me for so long is finally gone!

  2. Im alive and well boys and girls! It’s done! Easy!

  3. Most stories are success stories. You’re going to live a much more enjoyable life after this.

  4. Been dealing with it since August. Every time I feel like im out of the woods I get so happy and then I relapse again and again. Never goes away.

  5. Working out too quickly was the reason I got Chronic EBV. Don’t do it. Wait at least 2 months.

  6. I had low appetite, burning pain, abdominal cramping, fatigue and acid reflux on rare occasions. No nausea or anything digestion-related, ever.

  7. 50% drugs, 50% homoeroticism. Classic Depeche Mode.

  8. Yah it’s an outdoor charcoal grill. Good shit.

  9. I've heard of a number of people having both increased heart rates and gallbladder issues post-COVID

  10. For me it was mono, not COVID. Messed my gallbladder and heart.

  11. My polyp-related pain (14, one being almost 10mm in size) is constant and debilitating. I really have a proper “attack”.

  12. I started feeling 100% in late September. Worked out, went out and lived my life throughout October without ANY problems. And then in mid November I crashed and I haven’t felt good since.

  13. No, definitely not as bad. No night sweats, headaches or extreme fatigue.

  14. Take it out. This will never improve on its own and you can’t live your whole life like this. You will be fine.

  15. Btw gringo is applicable to every American and it is not a derogatory just slang.

  16. As a Peruvian I can 100% attest to this. You can even call things gringo or gringa.... like if I'm going to the US embassy I'll just say "voy a la embajada gringa".

  17. Just show them the film and pictures taken at the concentration camps, that they showed during the Nuremberg Trials. They’re not hard to find. I’ve seen them and it’s a bit hard to watch. They can claim “those videos are fake!” All they want, just ask them how? They didn’t have a way to edit film back then.

  18. It is impossible to talk sense into a holocaust denier. I've tried, multiple times. There is just no way.

  19. So it started about a year ago I was having right side abdominal pain, about 3-4” to the right of my belly button, sometimes radiating up and down in a vertical area. This has been nearly constant every day since then. Recently I can feel pain sometimes on my right ribs a couple inches below my nipple, and my right side/back ribs, not near the spine. Never nausea or vomiting or diarrhea.

  20. These sound exactly like my symptoms. Do you have polyps? I have 14 (largest being 9.8mm in diameter) and, again, they give me the exact symptoms you list (pain, no nausea or vomiting or diarrhea.)

  21. Every single test has come back normal, no polyps, no stones, no fluid. Just pain… incredibly infuriating. How long has your pain been going on?

  22. Pain started in August at the same time I was diagnosed for mono. My theory is that the polyps had always been there but the mono triggered the increase in pain. No liver inflammation and my liver enzymes have completely gone back to normal (they were very elevated during mono), but the pain on the right side of my abdomen is still there.

  23. Fuck this was annoying. What a way of using a lot of words without saying anything.

  24. I have 4.9mm polyps. How long can I wait before I get my GB removed ?

  25. Polyps don’t have anything to do with anything. I’m extremely healthy and I have 14 polyps (biggest being 9mm.) Taking my GB out next Friday.

  26. This subreddit likes Hardwired a bit too much.

  27. London and Dublin did nothing for me but I loved loved loved the countryside of both England and Ireland.

  28. If you don’t like London you have objectively bad taste, sorry.

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