1. Can I get a link to the video to share? My family refuse to use reddit but I think this would be impactful

  2. I understand the C, but what is the G meaning here?

  3. Where can I go to find and save this video file? I can't save it from reddit. My grandfather was a marine corps officer and retired to be a college professor. He preached this message his entire professional life. He literally had a class on the dangers of the new world order in 1992 and everyone called him a nut job. I want to share this far and wide. Not just on reddit. Please OP, help...

  4. I downloaded it from here. Others have linked the full video on youtube.

  5. They for sure didn't like black panther 🐈‍⬛

  6. You left out the adult/child sacrifices and human slavery among other things.

  7. The argument that the Olmec instituted human sacrifice is speculative. No Olmec or Olmec-influenced sacrificial artifacts have yet been discovered; no Olmec or Olmec-influenced artwork unambiguously shows sacrificial victims (as do the danzante figures of Monte Albán) or scenes of human sacrifice (such as can be seen in the famous ballcourt mural from El Tajín).

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