1. I have not figured it out yet. I was planning to design some kind of mount that attaches to the back plate and 3D print it.

  2. I started doing that after I fell and destroyed the screen, but it still works

  3. I really need to start wearing one. I just don’t because it’s so hot here in Arizona. I know it’s not worth risking the chance of me going into a coma or some sheiz like that when I eat the asphalt but I just need to find one that’s suitable for 100+ weather. If anyone has any suggestions I’m open to them all.

  4. Try kali, I love mine because I can wear it for hours in the summer. Good looks, free accident replacement, and a us based company

  5. So I've got recommendations! Gear the fuck up. Unless you are 19 and physically talented you will fall, not "pushing it" but doing something super simple and average.

  6. This is close to perfect, I would add hip and tailbone protection as well. Myself full gear every ride. for the first 250 miles I always started with 6 roll out bails in the yard 3 Frontline 3 backside. Someday with a step, someday straight off the board. I felt stupid, until the first uncontrollable departure on pavement. Wear your gear, limber up, practice rolling it out. Make the whole process zen, force it into muscle memory, create safe habits.

  7. After over 1,200 days in a row and 13,000 miles without wearing any protective gear I changed my ways yesterday. If safety is a joke, then death must be the punchline.

  8. I have that exact helmet for the second time. Kali is quality, will save your bean.

  9. Neat product but yeah onewheelers don’t really fall on their butts like a snowboarder.

  10. Congratulations to the following two winners (That’s right, we’ve added an additional winner!) of this Craft&Ride Quickstrike:

  11. I wish that, instead of buying the two I thought I would use the most, I had just bought the Rock Garden. Then, you know you have the best one and can use each one for where it excels the most. Had the Rock Garden been available and on sale at that time, like it is now, I would have done that.

  12. I grabbed the garden, and couldn't be happier. They add a great source of playfulness to anywhere. Always have one in my pack.

  13. Same way as you,! it's only 1.7 miles according to google, but it usually takes 45min to get there😍

  14. I see it's been a while since you posted last, so hopefully, you'll see this! I'm a somewhat new rider; I've been riding for about a year now, and have been looking at Enginehawk now that I can afford it. Just curious, did you find any issues with their sizing guide, or does it fit as advertised? I haven't been able to find a solid answer.

  15. The sizing is a bit snug to keep all the armour in place. My son kept borrowing both and bought his own predator. Pending on your interest I might have an even better jacket.

  16. Hoping to win, well done on you guys for getting products up so quickly!

  17. Install on / from watch, start board, start phone app, from app enable smart phone support. Working for me s20/g4/pint

  18. That did it, thank you! I tried all combinations of installing, un-installing and connecting and it just wouldn't work. Thanks again!

  19. No problem, it took me all day the first day I got my watch. It is wonderful to just glance and speed/batt info. So much smoother then fumbling with my phone.

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  21. Nice community support, and a beautiful board. I would be honored to be it's possible owner.

  22. Hey my name is luka- i live downstairs from you. I appreciate your hard work! Those sounds you make are like asmr to me!

  23. No problem, again the most important thing is the every day part. Even if you have no experience, balance practice will accelerate you training results. Stick with it and you will improve. Good luck, and keep it zen

  24. Get your replacement deck now, and use it indoors for carpet board and balance board. 10 min once a day every day. Slowly with as close to perfect form / angles. Slow is fast, and fast is slow. Work the fundamentals with the goal of perfection. Short sessions to allow time to process. This over time will yield the greatest results. Indoor every day, outdoors as often as possible. Short sessions, stay on two or three simple tricks at a time. Pick in alternating sequence i.e. balance/ rotation/ wraps/ board control. That's the secret _dedicated regular practice

  25. Devil’s Lake, I miss it so!!!

  26. It ia a place of precious beautiful moments, no matter where you look. Lucky to live next to a state park.

  27. I love the look...just ordered a pintx in the same color.

  28. Yeah I know most of that, I meant more like is there any different in how it rides or something along those lines. Stuff that you would only know if you rode it you know.

  29. The difference is simple, a taller tire with a larger contact path on the same hub. Slightly larger rails to accommodate the tire. A larger battery pack , and foot pads add weight. So top speed goes up because of the circumference, torque goes down due to weight. The software compensation will mean the main difference will be tire profile.

  30. It'll be awkward still in the beginning, but you'll be able to ride it a bit. Just remember, when you need to bail, bail with both feet simultaneously. That's how you avoid getting rekt. As the weeks and months go on, you'll get super comfortable on it

  31. The one skill that you shouldn't transfer is how you run off the board for a bail. If you start with you pushing foot like on a skateboard, you will do the splits and unless you can already do the splits it will be unpleasant.

  32. Yes, she knows whenever it stop charging she’ll sit by it!

  33. I think her waiting by the charger is a sign I need to get an Xr!

  34. I'll keep my pint, if I go bigger it'll be a growler, but I'll still walk the dog with my pint.

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  36. You have to love carving for the pint. I am seriously always always always carving. Take into consideration the undulating motion is going to eat into your linear distance.

  37. Who cares about distance, it let's me carve, that and I can carve on it... if you're thinking of getting one go for it. It will let you carve till your hips give out😍

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