1. Usually a air pocket in the tube will keep the caulk coming out until the air pocket is pushed out.

  2. I’ve owned a new 99 dodge Dakota that I drove to 160k with no problems and sold. Got a new 2003 ram that I put 180k on with no problems and sold. Currently driving a 2010 ram 3500 with 184k on the clock and no problems. Due for a new one, but the current has been so reliable I’m scared to buy a new one. But inevitably I will and I’m sure it will be a great truck as well. I’m 40 years old and those vehicles span from when I was 19 until today.

  3. I feel almost the opposite about hd. I do not want to talk to anyone when I am running errands. I want the store to be logical and everything to be intuitively organized. Even better would be a way for me to look up the exact location of what I need (yes I am a librarian ha). Good luck finding ANYTHING ANYWHERE at home Depot. Instead you have to stalk the employees who seem to be actively running away/besieged by everyone else who can't find shit in that jumble. It seems like every trip there involves me chasing an elusive orange apron as it disappears down the far aisle. Ugh giving myself retail PTSD...

  4. If you search for what you need on the app it will tell you the isle and bin# for the store you are in.

  5. Mine is under 1000lbs, annoyingly low for such a big truck.

  6. I agree. I’ve known people to overload their trucks way more than that regularly with no issue and I’ve seen many frame failures due to welding camper mounting brackets to the frame.

  7. Based on my research this is caused by welding a bracket to the frame to mount the camper. The weld weakens the frame and causes the failure.

  8. The one they have on the lot is a 68RFE but my max tow weight would be 10,000lbs

  9. I pull over 16k lbs daily with my 2010 srw 68rfe. I change the trans fluid every 15k or so. Truck has 180k on it and the trans has been flawless.

  10. I pull 17k lbs daily with my 2010 3500. Stock 68rfe has been a champ and has had no issues in 190k. These stories keep me from buying a new truck because I can’t be without a truck. Hopefully these issues get ironed out in the next year or so so I can confidently buy a new truck!

  11. Yes. I just went through my first Covid infection, and I smoked very lightly. It sucked because it tasted like an ashtray and congested me more.

  12. Is milwaukee power tools warranty good? And how are they compared to snap on in terms of durability? And what’s the price on milwaukee vs snap on for power tools

  13. I've heard very good things about Hilti warranties as well. Trick is finding a Hilti service shop since they're less common than Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, etc.

  14. I use milwaukees eservice. Drop it off at fed ex and have a new or fixed tool in a week.

  15. Do the rams do quite a bit better on MPGs loaded?

  16. I don’t think I’d say quite a bit, but enough to make a difference if you’re running a few trucks. I don’t hotshot personally, but I do pull 17k lbs daily with my ram. I’ve followed hotshotters for many years.

  17. I mean I have no problems if people want to still mask up. I have problems when they force their life choices on me.

  18. Give him a break, he’s suffering acute hypoxemia from prolonged and frequent mask wearing, if I were him I’d get an ECG to make sure the hypoxemia isn’t out of control, but it’s likely this guy avoids the doctor because he’s scared of the inconvenience of cold/flu symptoms

  19. I live in the Gahanna area and there’s loads of contractors from Texas that rented a house close to me to do work on cell towers for T-mobile. People will come for the work.

  20. If you want the power wagon, gas is your only option. No diesel option for that model.

  21. Atheist for life and I’m 40 now. No new evidence has been presented through my life so I’m still atheist. They told me I’d become conservative when I got older too. I’m still liberal.

  22. I think we should all wait until after 25 to smoke. Our brain is done growing and it allows us to get through our youngest life ambitions without the cheat code that is Cannabis.

  23. I started smoking at 12. I certainly have some regrets, and wish my parents would’ve been harder on me. My regrets come from experimenting with other things like inhalants that I believe set me back cognitively, but I’m sure the weed didn’t help either. I was a heavy daily smoker through my teenage years and experimented with psychedelics, and pretty much every drug aside from heroin. That being said I’m 40 now, have owned my own business for 10 years, and have a beautiful family with 2 kids that get to enjoy a stay at home mom. For whatever reason I was always adamant on having my own experiences rather than listening to someone tell me what I should or shouldn’t do, and I still turned out ok.

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