1. If you want to spend a day with your family over the weekend like a normal person because majority of the people work Mon-Friday then guess what? Shit out of luck.

  2. Pretty much if you are pushing that character I’d say all of them are worth it. Mats+shards+horns(cstones) are worth more than the price of the box.

  3. If he is then it’s most likely 3000 not 30. Even 3k wouldn’t get you there unless rmt rates.

  4. “Spammy class can’t and must not compete against burst.” Opinion discarded.

  5. Gunlancer is borderline support and is not even counted because of the utility he provides. All the other classes are fair game.

  6. So they are doing mandatory training and then saying it costs them money to give that training and they can’t afford it? Yikes.

  7. Well at least there are more than 2 pies…. Every pizza party I’ve had didn’t even have enough for each person to get 2 slices.

  8. Im more interested in what language this is. My god that is a mouthful. Guessing German?

  9. By the love of all that is holy do not recommend new players to start as reaper. Most squishy class that is melee and also entropy. You need very high uptime on that class to even have a chance to compete. New player will perform very badly with that class especially with no gems/tripods(which are expensive af for reaper)/skill points and engravings(again hunger and lunar are both still expensive)

  10. The only thing you might have to consider is that Akkan's ilvl requirements are 1580 and 1600 (+19 and +22). +20 costs roughly twice as much to get as +19. So if you don't plan to do Akkan HM week 1, +20 weapon will let you leave an armor piece at +18 for Akkan NM. However, it's trading off a good chunk of extra materials for that additional weapon level. The most resource efficient method would likely be to stop at +19 Brel gear and transfer over to Akkan gear before honing more.

  11. I mean with the things as they are now I won’t expect Akkan till winter. We have Brel HM in 3 months and Elgacia probably July if we are lucky. I’m guessing Akkan at the earliest will be october but I’m thinking more around Nov/Dec. so he has plenty of time to hone and honestly +20 weapon is not that expensive.

  12. Good support and bad support are night and day while dpsing. When I know I got a good support I feel more comfortable and can push more dps because I know the shields are there when we need them.

  13. cool now be honest would i be ok playing reaper, or are ppl not getting them into groups or something like that?!

  14. Reaper is fine but VERY hard to play in terms of dmg uptime and dps. You have to know the fights very well while also managing your abilities correctly and dodging at the same time.

  15. Tried both and Pinnacle was ass to play, very limiting play style as all the stagger and destruction is on the blue skills and when a mechanic comes up and you are stuck in red you have to make a hard choice of fucking up your rotation/buff to do it.

  16. Really depends on the market prices, books you have at 12 and what is currently available.

  17. Yeah this is why I bring up the problem with us getting information based on one streamer only

  18. Why not bring it up to S tier? How is it ok that 1 sorc doomsday does more dmg than our entire rotation. They are both hitmaster class but it just seems like sorc is literally like ss but just better at everything. Our “igniter” can also miss and we have to perform our rotation perfectly 3 times in a row while being in melee range with a bow and just as squishy as a sorc to do maybe 80% of the dps a good sorc player does.

  19. It takes negative effort to bypass pretty much any bot detection systems you can possibly implement in MMOs unless they're incredibly intrusive. Which I'm fine with, but you can't just slap some shit on there and act like its permanently fixed.

  20. Idk give me gm access for 8 hours and I’d probably ban 1000+ bots in a single fucking day. Right click BAN right click BAN right click BAN rabbit sorc firheidnrhwhxb BAN

  21. thank you need to do this asap before people start realizing this lmao

  22. The reason it is cheaper is because ah is ass and it takes 2-3 min to buy 1 stack. People are just bulk buying and don’t wanna sit around buying 800 stones and then waiting 10-15sec before they can buy again. You won’t get a full stack when you buy the old destruction, most of the time I get between 500-2k at a time.

  23. One day, devs will hit the bullseye and fix Glaivier.

  24. Id rather they just give it damage than what they did to my DS SS. Be careful what you wish for, if these changes remain I might actually quit because I’m not switching 6 ss from ds into spec lc.

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